Best eCommerce marketing strategies you need to know

Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling products and services online. It’s a billion-dollar industry, and it’s only growing. The future of ecommerce is bright. There are many opportunities for retailers to grow their businesses online. Ecommerce is projected to grow exponentially by 2024. The industry is expected to be worth $4 trillion, with … Read more

How can you Contribute to Defeating Malnutrition in India?

malnutrition in India

In contrast to the rest of the nation, a significant portion of society in contemporary India is still largely unaffected by the fruits of modern economy. As a result, children in India’s lowest earnring families continue to experience high rates of malnutrition in India  despite the country’s economy expanding quickly, poverty levels dropping, access to … Read more

Struvite Crystals in Cats

Struvite Crystals may form Urinary Tract Stones in cats. This can lead to painful elimination. The stones can be flushed from the body, or dissolved. They must be surgically removed in other cases. They can occur in male and female cats. What are Struvite crystals? Struvite crystals, microscopic crystals found in the urine from some cats, are microscopic. Struvite is made up of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate. Desert … Read more

How to Select the Right Breast Pump?

How to Select the Right Breast Pump?

Breast pump is the breastfeeding mother’s “close companion” during lactation. If you’re not a breastfeeding mother having a double-electric breast pump could be every difference between a challenging motherhood experience or a pleasant one. It’s a fragile supply and a reliable one. Therefore, it is an item related to babies and requires an in-depth study. … Read more

5 Top Small to Medium Pet Birds That Can Talk

Green is the predominant color for the majority of birds across the globe including those that are used as pets. If you’ve observed an animal that is green you’ll be able to recognize the bird based on its dimension, the feathers it has, and many other characteristics. Certain green parrots come with bright colors that are mixed … Read more

Top 10 cities in Rajasthan with famous traditional food

Top 10 cities in Rajasthan with famous traditional food

Top 10 cities in Rajasthan with famous traditional food. Our wanderlust minds are more restless now than ever as we all find ourselves during a pandemic. Rajasthan should be at the top of our list of places we want to see. Rajasthan, India’s most vibrant and beautiful region, has everything from cities in pink, gold, and blue … Read more