Alcoholism and Drug Addiction – A Disease Or Not?

Alcoholism and dependency are two maladies that have severely afflicted many people across the world. Now, whether these two should be categorized under diseases like cancer or cardiopathy may be a debate that seems to rage on and make great controversy.

The medical profession today generally seems to support the view that addictions should be classified as a disease, as they meet the standards that are necessary to term it per se. These criteria are Primary, Progressive, Chronic, and Fatal. We have the best Drug rehabilitation centre in Delhi NCR.

Alcoholism and white plague satisfy all the above-mentioned criteria, Drug rehab centre in delhi which is the basic reason why rehabilitation programs and recovery support groups like AA and NA support this viewpoint.

But those who oppose now of view feel that addictions shouldn’t be categorized in the same way as diseases like cancer – because using drugs or Drug rehabilitation centre in new delhi could be a matter of choice, so should an addiction arise it’s effectively self-induced – whereas cancer and other diseases afflict the person without awareness and therefore the same level of choice involved. So by categorizing alcoholism and drug addictions as diseases, they feel it makes it too easy for those scuffling with an addiction to shirk taking any quiet responsible for their state and actions.

However, should it even matter what belief you hold on the subject? Whether or not addiction is assessed as a disease, in both cases the addict has got to undergo the identical process to successfully achieve lasting sobriety, i.e. receive the correct support or help, get appropriate treatment and follow a proven recovery program. Everything else becomes immaterial provided the rehabilitative process is diligently followed.

I have asked a variety of individuals their views on the matter and opinions remain divided. One person felt that the junkie has the power to beat his affliction with the assistance of assorted groups and by making use of his grit and determination. But said, that’s not the case in fatal diseases like cancer because whether or not you get in for specialized treatment, in many cases, you can not avoid death despite rummaging the painful chemotherapies and specialized treatments. So concluded unlike in the case of addiction, self-control or self-will doesn’t have any role to play and whether someone will regain full health always remains an issue.

Another person, a recovering alcoholic, of course, said that the explanation addiction is assessed under disease is because it facilitates the insurance carriers to hide all the treatment costs that one incurs while getting treated. The insurance companies will certainly not get hold of treating something sort of a weakness of character. Once it’s categorized as a disease, an alcoholic is going to be saved from self-blame and wish not to suffer from self-loathing. He/She can easily place the explanation for excessive and obsessive drinking on an illness instead of blaming themselves.

So if even among those folks who have suffered from addiction opinions are divided on whether it is a disease or not, my assertion remains, ‘Should it matter?’ The important thing is to seek out effective ways to urge people who need, the assistance they so desperately need. You can get the best treatment for drug addiction in New Delhi.

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