Are Essential Oils Safe for Birds

Essential oils are increasingly popular for their ability to ease anxiety and treat certain conditions. These oils were traditionally used in aromatherapy. However, they are often considered natural alternatives to traditional medicine. People are using essential oils in their homes for many purposes. But is it OK to give your pet bird these oils? Not likely. However, it all depends on what oils you use and how they are used.

Is essential oil safe for your bird

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant substances that have a variety of health and wellness benefits. Some holistic veterinarians even incorporate essential oils in their treatments.  Japanese Birds The use of essential oils to treat illnesses in animals is still new. There has not been enough research to prove that they are effective in helping pets.

There are precautions to be taken when sharing your home with a cat , dog, or bird. Always consult your veterinarian if you use essential oils around birds.

Essential oils for birds: Dangers

Many essential oils are volatile compounds, and thus can prove potentially toxic to birds at certain concentrations–because what’s safe for humans isn’t necessarily safe for your pets, especially when the oils remain in their original form of 100 percent concentration. Many essential oil users rely on warmers and diffusers to release oils into their homes. This makes it difficult to eliminate all risks for your pet or birds.

Essential oils can cause allergic reactions in birds, so owners of bird pets should exercise extreme caution when using them. There are not enough studies and evidence to support the safety of aerolized essential oils being used around birds. This is especially true when the oil is used in warmers or diffusers. The potential damage that could be done to birds can also be severe, so most veterinarians recommend against using them.

Essential oils don’t have to be avoided

if used properly and in a controlled manner. This includes making sure they are not too concentrated, never getting into the eyes of your bird, and following clear instructions from your veterinarian. Bird owners may consider essential oils for cleaning their bird cages and for air freshening. Anyone who has ever cared for a bird knows how difficult it can be.

Essential oils are a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances and commercial chemical cleaners. To ensure your bird doesn’t accidentally eat the essential oils or get it on its feathers, you should thoroughly rinse everything with essential oils. What do baby birds eat 

Safely exposing your bird to essential oils

Your veterinarian should be consulted before you expose your bird essential oils. Talk to your veterinarian if you’re interested in doing this safely with your bird.

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