Asthma in Cats

About or two of cats with asthma might initially be dismissed as a hairball or perhaps a small amount of food passing through the “wrong pipe.” The recurrent episodes of coughing, however, will likely draw a pet’s owner’s notice. In the beginning, asthma may cause cats to cough and later appear normal however, it’s an ongoing chronic illness and will require treatment. A cat who coughs must be examined by a vet to identify the problem and to ensure proper management of the disease.

What Is Asthma

Similar to human asthma The feline version of asthma is a respiratory disorder that can cause troubled breathing. The immune systems of cats react in a way that is overreactive to an allergen they breathe. Where Do Birds Go At Night The resultant immune response causes an increase in the production of substances within the bloodstream, which cause severe inflammation of the airways. 1

Symptoms of Asthma in Cats

Early signs of asthma may be difficult to recognize severe attacks may not occur frequently, which makes it easy to dismiss them as hairballs. As symptoms progress, they increase in frequency and become more evident as time passes.

One sign that distinguishes cat asthma from hairballs and other physical obstacles are the sounds of a faint wheezing whenever your cat breathes. This could be more noticeable when you are running or playing hard.Inflamed and swollen airways release excessive mucus, and they eventually, they become constricted which makes it difficult for cats to breathe. Due to a decrease in oxygen intake, cats get tired very quickly.

When a full-blown asthma attack occurs the cat is likely to sit low to the ground with their the neck and its head extended in order to remove mucus from the airways. Cats can cough, gag, sneeze as well as vomit. Cats may or may not release mucus that is foamy.Asthma is life-threatening and any cat suffering from an attack that is severe should be examined by a vet immediately. If your cat is showing one or two initial symptoms should be evaluated. If you are able to identify the cause there are some ways you can aid your cat through one of these attacks.

Causes of Asthma

A number similar allergens that are responsible for asthma attacks in humans could trigger asthma attacks in felines as well which include:


The most basic and common treatments for cats suffering from asthma comprise a steroid that helps reduce inflammation in the airways, and a bronchodilator to keep airways open for the cat to more comfortably breathe.

Some medications are administered orally, however, another method of administration is an inhaler that is metered like Flovent that is administered via a specialized mask. Aerojet Feline Aerosol Chamber Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber was designed specifically for this reason. The benefit of aerosol steroid administration over pills or injections lies in the fact that it is injected directly to the lungs rather than through the body, which results in lesser negative side negative effects.

In the event that your pet is experiencing more serious attacks than normal, see your vet to have a re-evaluation, and possible adjustments to medications. can cats eat tomatoes

The prognosis for Cats With Asthma

The condition is chronic progressive condition that has no cure. Your veterinarian will create a continuous treatment plan that will keep your cat as relaxed as is possible throughout its life.

If your cat has been recognized as suffering from feline asthma you’re able to make lifestyle adjustments that will aid in reducing the frequency of asthma attacks dependent on your cat’s situation. The most basic action you’ll have to take is get rid of the allergens in the environment which cause respiratory discomfort for your pet.

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