Alcohol Addiction And Its Cure

Mankind on earth has been bestowed with bountiful blessings and authority above all creations from nature. What more do we want? Why has best rehab centre in delhi ¬†greed blinded us so that we forgot who we are, how fortunate we are and above all, our purpose on earth? Why do we have to shorten … Read more

Helping Those With Drug Addictions

All addictions are hard to win through, yet substance dependence is the hardest to control and treat. This is because drugs affect the mental competence of clear judgment, self-discipline, emotional capacity, and self-awareness that people commonly use to grasp the actions they undertake and their consequences. Considering all these, helping a person with drug addiction … Read more

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction – A Disease Or Not?

Alcoholism and dependency are two maladies that have severely afflicted many people across the world. Now, whether these two should be categorized under diseases like cancer or cardiopathy may be a debate that seems to rage on and make great controversy. The medical profession today generally seems to support the view that addictions should be … Read more


Many people don’t consider alcohol a drug. After all, it’s legal to drink – as long as you’re old. But the important truth is that alcoholism may be a kind of dependence even as serious and harmful as addiction to other drugs. Because alcohol is legal to drink, many folks just consider alcohol as another … Read more