1. Sodium tripolyphosphate Uses: In the food industry, it is mainly used as a quality improver for canned food, dairy products, fruit juice drinks and soy milk; as a water-retaining agent and tenderizer for ham, luncheon meat and other meat products; in the processing of aquatic products, it can not only retain water and improve Tenderization, … Read more

Application Expansion Of Centralized Procurement To Accelerate Domestic Ultrasonic Scalpel Is Expected To Rapidly Increase Volume

Ultrasonic knife  is a high-energy focused ultrasonic instrument, which utilizes the electrostrictive effect (the phenomenon of elastic deformation of the dielectric in the electric field) or the magnetostrictive effect (the geometric size of the magnetic substance is reversible due to the change of the external magnetic field during the magnetization process. Changes), convert ultrasonic electric … Read more

Characteristics and uses of chlortetracycline hydrochloride

Aureomycin, alias chlorotetracycline, English: Aureomycin, Chlortetracycline; was discovered in the United States in 1945. In February 1948, the American Cyanamid Company applied for a patent for chlortetracycline. In the same year, Dr. Thomas Jukes began to study the application of chlortetracycline in animal production (chicken), which played a key role in the application of chlortetracycline. effect. In … Read more

What is Glycine and what Glycine is used for

As an essential trace element in the human body and animals, many people do not know what glycine is. In order to better understand glycine and its uses, this article makes the following summary in detail, hoping to help everyone.   what is glycine used for? Glycine is a simple amino acid, also known as amino acid, … Read more

Drug Characteristics and Clinical Application of Ampicillin

Ampicillin  is a semi-synthetic broad-spectrum penicillin, which is a β-lactam antibiotic that can treat a variety of bacterial infections common in veterinary clinics. Mainly used for Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, Shigella, Streptococcus, Enterococcus and other respiratory system, reproductive system, digestive system infection. Physical and chemical properties Ampicillin is slightly soluble in water, insoluble in chloroform, ethanol, … Read more

The effect of adding chromium methionine to sow feed

Chromium is an important mineral required by the animal body. However, when chromium is added to the feed, overdose or the form of supplementation can easily lead to poisoning. Therefore, changing the form of chromium supplementation, which can increase availability and reduce chromium poisoning, has become a key issue. So far, as the latest addition form of organic … Read more


Aspartic acid (aspartic acid, can be abbreviated as Asp or D) is an α-amino acid with the chemical formula HOOCCH2CH(NH2)COOH. The L-isomer of aspartic acid is one of the 20 protein amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Its codons are GAU and GAC. It is the same acidic amino acid as glutamic acid. Aspartate is … Read more

The Basic Working Principle Of Anesthesia Machine

The  anesthesia machine  can be divided into the following main sub-systems from the working principle: the gas supply system, the control circuit system, the breathing and ventilation circuit system, and the clearing system, as well as a set of system function and breathing circuit monitors. Some anesthesia machines also have monitors and alarms to easily display the … Read more

The development trend of China’s feed industry

With the rapid development of my country’s breeding industry  and the continuous expansion of breeding scale, my country’s feed demand has gradually increased, and the domestic industrial feed output has also continued to grow. However, with the adjustment of the industrial structure of the industrial feed industry, under the background of increasingly strict market supervision , … Read more

What are the alternatives to antibiotics in feed

In the past decades of adding antibiotics to feed, scientists have long realized the drawbacks of it. In order to realize the prohibition of antibiotics as soon as possible, they have been concentrating on researching antibiotic feed additives, so that they can contribute to the industry when the real antibiotics are banned. Choose to add. … Read more