Best Professional Voicemail Greetings & Examples for Businesses

A professional voicemail greeting is a recorded message that welcomes callers to your business when no one is available to pick up the call. For a polished call experience, the greeting should reflect who the client is calling – whether a general business number, department, team, or individual – and when the customer can expect the call to be returned.

Customer experience is today’s business battleground. At a time where it’s common for even the most established businesses to deliver poor service, incompetent support, and just outright bad communication, how do you stand out? As big companies fail in the customer experience department, doors open for small business owners and entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves.

According to Gartner Research, more than two-thirds of companies compete for business today primarily based on customer experience – up from only one-third back in 2010. Knowing this, it should not surprise you that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that are not.

Why is Having a Great Business Voicemail Greeting Important?

An excellent business voicemail greeting conveys your level of professionalism and competence while also providing your callers with a glimpse into your company’s culture and level of care. As minor as it may seem, your voicemail greeting can instill confidence and trust in your callers or it can be a cause for concern.

You should script out your greetings, rehearse, and find a tone of voice that is reflective of your professionalism and your company’s personality. If applicable, your tone and your message should take into account that certain industries and companies are more conservative than others.

Businesses should have two main types of greetings to create an excellent call experience. The first one is what we call a “welcome greeting” – this greeting welcomes callers to your business. Typically, a welcome greeting will present a menu of call options like hours, location, or customer service.

How to Create Your Own Professional Business Voicemail Greeting

Creating a professionally recorded phone greeting isn’t complicated, but you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure success. The following tips will help:

    • Be friendly and welcoming – let your company’s personality shine!;
    • Have a clear voice, speak at a slow to moderate pace, minimize background noise;
    • Ensure the greeting is human and approachable;
    • Keep the greeting short and informative;
    • Ensure the greeting doesn’t sound robotic or unnatural;
    • Show your gratitude for the call by saying thank you;
    • Manage expectations by clearly stating when the client can expect a callback.

Record Your Own Greeting

Simply speak into your phone or computer while recording a greeting with your business phone service. If you need to create your own audio file, the voice memo app on your phone should do fine.

Text-To Speech Technology

The best text-to-speech voices don’t sound robotic at all. Do a “text to speech” search in Google to explore your options. Type in your script and presto! You’ll get an instant greeting with a natural sounding voice. You can select from a broad spectrum of male & female voices with any local or foreign accent you choose. LinkedPhone offers text-to-speech built right into our software. It’s super popular and our users love it!

Hire Professional Voice-Over Talent

If you’re looking to go all out to give the best possible first impression to your customers, hire a professional voice actor. Our customers love the voices available on Fiverr, a website that matches businesses with creative talent. You can get a professional recording done for as little as $5. If you’re looking for a high-end product, check out The Voice Realm which offers the best voice talent on the planet. The quality is astounding.


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