Best School in Jaipur: VSI International School (Admissions Open)

Is your goal to provide the right schooling experience for your child?

You want them to explore different things, find and learn what they love the most, right? As a parent, you wish to enroll your child in the best school in Jaipur.

We know you have a huge responsibility of finding the right school for your child. You might be confused by looking at the online lists for Best Schools in Jaipur or taking recommendations from other people. But not anymore. We are here telling you about one of the Best English medium schools in Jaipur.

VSI International School- The school which has the right type of learning atmosphere your child needs!

To enlighten the life of many young minds with the power of education, VSI International School was found in 1979. It is now featured as the Best School in Jaipur for academic and extracurricular excellence.

The school is also known as the best English Medium School in Jaipur, Rajasthan, conducting classes from classes playgroup to 12th. Giving preference and focus on the student’s learning journey, VSI International School believes in maintaining a balanced proportion in the teachers and students. At VSI International, the student-teacher ratio is 20:1. This school also focuses on parent-teacher communication. Making parents a part of the child’s learning process is important because learning is not limited to a school classroom. Education is everywhere when a child is comfortable and curious, willing to learn and explore.

School Chairman, R.C. Sharma, says that VSI International, as the best school in Jaipur, focuses on making the students not only on the citizens of India but of the world.

Give your child an open learning environment.

Admissions Open for 2020–21 at the Best School in Jaipur

Enrolling your child in VSI International School means giving him/her a chance to venture out of their comfort zones, explore new boundaries and their inner talent.

Admissions for new batches for the session 2020-21 have already started for classes from playgroup to 12th.

The fee structure at this school is very reasonable. It is planned keeping in mind that parents of every income group of the society want their child to get the best education and facilities. Here you will get the quality education along with other benefits for your child.

While organizing the classes, be it offline or online, the school teachers and authorities make it their priority that each students’ needs are given preference.

For more information regarding the admission procedure, directly contact the school. (Details are given below.)

Limited seats available, admissions at VSI International still open.


Infrastructure at the Best School in Jaipur

At this best school in Jaipur, students are encouraged to push their boundaries, communicate with others, create new things, and cherish what they have. VSI International School has built the best infrastructure facility to support the growth of students.


The classrooms in this school are designed with a special focus on giving the best experience to children. For the kindergarten wing, the classrooms are painted in different colors, based on themes, to make students connect the stories and places and enjoy their time at the school. All the classes for all wings are air-conditioned as well.

Indoor and Outdoor play areas

The school has indoor playrooms and activity rooms equipped with various toys and mind games that facilitate the growth of their intellectual mind through fun games.

The outdoor play areas are separate for little kids and primary children and sports areas for senior students.

Smart Classes and Labs

The digital classes have good audio-video systems for exceptional quality. It also has many additional features.


There are science labs in the school to foster the habit of experimentation and innovation. We know every school now has that. But have you ever heard of a Math Lab in a school? No, right? VSI International School has a Maths Lab besides the other science lab and computer lab. Here in the Math Lab, students are exposed to the world of practical knowledge of mathematics. Students ask questions, find and discover answers on their own.


Conveyance and Campus Security

VSI International School is situated in one of the city’s prime locations of the city, and therefore, the school has its fleet of buses that travel to the many different parts of the city. Even the buses have ACs installed for the comfort of your child. There is also a GPS installed on each bus, so you can rest assured of your child’s safety. At the school campus, security cameras are installed in different parts, covering the whole campus areas.

Activities and Culture at the Best School in Jaipur

Activities at VSI International School is like living and celebrating our diverse culture. The feeling of being a part of a community is encouraged at this school. These are other reasons why this is the Best School in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The students at VSI International School are motivated to take part in the competitions. Many of them have even won prizes in the inter-school, inter-state and national level competitions.

Sports activities like judo, karate, basketball, cricket, tennis, swimming, and more are a part of their timetable. Students are given the option to select the sports activities of their interest areas.

VSI International School, the best school in Jaipur, believes that learning of art and craft, painting, dance and music, and theatre are learning and celebrating heritage. It helps children find their form of communication, creativity, and balance with the intellectual side of their brains

The school also has English speaking classes for students from all classes. The teachers emphasize on English speaking inside and outside the classroom for better development of speaking skills.

The regular quiz, debates, presentations, and other related activities in classes at VSI International School boosts the confidence of students.


VSI International School in Jaipur has various awards in its name. It is continuously appreciated in the society for the quality learning experience it provides to its students.

The school has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards— ‘The Emerging School of the Year Award’ during the Rajasthan Education Excellence Awards in 2017.

Reviews and Testimonials from Parents

“VSI International School makes the knowledge base of the child strong. They are the best play school in Jaipur with excellent infrastructure and teaching techniques. The staff and administration are very courteous. Their teaching methodology is simple and fun-loving, which allows the child to explore and grow. They have extracurricular activities that help your child in learning.“

“The first thing that I liked the most about the school on my first visit is that the primary medium of communication is English. It is the best English medium school in Jaipur. Secondly, it is the best play school in Jaipur. They have many kids’ toys available, and the school is fully air-conditioned, so our child feels comfortable.”

“They provide a mixture of studies and extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, etc. Parents-teacher communication is very often, and the fee is also affordable. So, I would recommend VSI International School at the Best School in Jaipur for your little one.”

Enroll your child in the Best School in Jaipur.

Contact Details

If you are interested in knowing more about how VSI International School is the best school in Jaipur for your child, you can get in touch with the school administration. You can also ask any queries regarding the admission procedure, fees, and other facilities,

Visit their official website:

Give a call on 9309305656 or 0141-2793080


Send an email at

You can also visit the school campus here- Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanagner, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

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