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It is almost impossible to think that the world of packaging has undergone so many changes within such a short period. The way the world sees packaging has wholly changed. A few years ago, the general population saw packaging as something harmful and unnecessary. But today, there is a growing awareness about preserving the environment and reducing waste. This has led to an increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions. The same can be said about corrugated boxes. Even though it may seem like a new concept in this fast-changing world, it is to keep up with current trends. In this digital age, you need to know what your customers want from their package options and then provide them with that answer.

What are the New Trends for Corrugated Boxes?

For those looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly option for their boxes, the answer is clear—waxed ribbed. Waxed ribbed boxes offer an environmentally friendly alternative to paper-based packing. If you want your customers to feel good about your product, this should be the way. Waxed boxes are also much more robust than paper-based options to resist weather and other environmental hazards better. They will also endure more rigorous conditions and remain strong. It is an excellent choice for companies that need something that will last longer and maintain its integrity. For a more robust option that will not damage the environment as much as traditional paper-based packaging. A waxed corrugated box with a handle in the way.

Keep a close eye on the competition

In this hyper-competitive world, you need to know what your competitors do. This includes understanding how they package their products and following every trend—a better way to package products than with pink corrugated boxes. Ribbed cardboard is a favorite material of box manufacturers. That is why we offer more than a dozen different styles of boxes with customizable options. All of them are eco-friendly, recyclable, and offer higher levels of security. The list of possibilities goes on, and it includes different size options, color choices, and thicknesses that help you create the perfect box for your company’s needs. These are just a few reasons why corrugated box companies should be your top priority when you want to buy quality packaging.

What are the Most in-demand features?

The most in-demand features of corrugated boxes are the following:

  • The Environmental Impact – People care about their footprint and want to be more eco-friendly with their packaging. These boxes are recyclable, which helps with this.
  • Size Options – Customers want a variety of sizes for packages, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
  • Versatility – Customers wish for packages that they can use for different purposes. This is what makes “custom corrugated boxes near me” their number one lookout for packing requirements.
  • Customization Options – Customers want custom designs, and they expect manufacturers to provide them with options that suit their needs.

Which Material is the Most Popular?

One of the most popular materials for corrugated boxes is paper. But that does not mean that card stock and other options are not famous or well-received. Card stock is one of the most popular materials for these boxes. Card stock is a material that has become even more popular in recent years due to how convenient it is. Card stock is often used in the packaging industry to give packages a more luxurious feel without adding more weight or cost to the product itself. A few advantages of using card stock instead of paper are its water resistance and strength.

But, if you are a packaging manufacturer. And not sure about what type of material your customers want for their packages. Or do they not know what corrugated boxes are? You can always ask them! But, to keep up with trends and make sure you’re providing people with what they want and need.

Best Tips for Corrugated Boxes:

As the year 2022 is cruising along at full speed. People want their packaging suppliers to be super convenient in business transactions. If you are a vendor, you should follow these tips to make your services the most popular ones. Do you have to educate your customers about what is corrugated boxes? Tell them the benefits. Since if they choose this packaging, they will ultimately praise you for giving them the correct direction. You should:

  1. Keep your boxes eye-catching with color and printing
  2. Give your customers something to do with their box as soon as they receive it
  3. Offer more than one option for packaging
  4. Provide a variety of sizes, including custom sizes
  5. Use recycled materials whenever possible
  6. Keep the environment in mind when designing your packaging
  7. Provide an easy return policy for any unwanted product
  8. Add tags if you have a lot of items to package together

Stamping Ideas are the in-thing for Corrugated Boxes

To create an eye-catching box, especially for promotional purposes. It has become trendy this year. Stamping designs on a box can bring your branding to life, and it is also easy to integrate into your packaging process. Ribbed boxes are also much more affordable than other options, so they are great for smaller businesses that need to create a lot of packaging.

If you are interested in getting creative with your design or if you want to promote a specific brand or product, this is the way to go. Stamping is cheaper and more accessible than printing on a paperboard box. But it is also much more durable than any other type of printing. So even if your design ends up being a little bit too dark or colorful, it will still be utterly legible because the ink adheres so well to grooved boxes.


A corrugated box can convey your company’s message through design and style. That suits your needs and message. Although, the same is true for your packaging. With various colors, types of material, and stamping options, there is no such thing as too much packaging for your product.

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