Best Watersports Activity in Goa at Famous Location

1. Speed Boat at Calangute beach

You can enjoy banana boat ride in Calangute beach. A speed boat ride in goa will be an exciting experience. These boats can reach a speeds of up to 15 to 20 miles per hour, traverse over the waves. They are strong and light. Each boat can accommodate 2 and 6 people to seat. Banana boats are fun and enjoyable. They are also powered by a motor, but are slower than speedboats. In shallow water, however, the bananas can top over. But there is nothing to worried, as everyone wears life jacket. In Goa, you cannot ride without full and proper safety precautions. Cost taken for this ride is 500 per person for 20 minute ride.

2. Jet Ski at Colva Beach

A Jet Ski or personal water scooter is more intimate than a speedboat ride because you will be riding it alone with only the instructor seat behind you. Hold the steering and venture sail out into the Arabian Sea. Take sharply turns and manipulates the waves. Enjoy the sea wind on your face and feel the breeze smell. Children under 9 years of age are not allowed on ride. Jet ski price in goa for individuals person cost 1000 for 10 min.

3. Parasailing at Anjuna Beach

Fly with the clouds, high to sky tied to a parachute over the Arabian Sea and the beach. The other end you will be tied to a speedboat. You will feel like a bird at 200-300 feet in the sky. The boat will go into high speed gear and lift you up. Maintaining your balance and get a beautiful view of the sea, marine life beach, and the surrounding areas. Paragliding in goa price for per person 1000 for 15 minutes.

4. Kayaking at Palolem Beach

Speed is not always the best way to enjoy watersports. Try kayaking in goa, this ride slowly on the narrow channels, backwaters, rivers, through the mangroves, in the small bays, or the wide oceans. Kayaking gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature, see the birds as you slowly approaching them without making noise. You can see osprey, kingfishers, white tail eagles, and many bats up-close. Take pictures of beautiful nature. You can also see village life. Price for kayaking per person 600 and two person 800 rupees for 30 minutes.

5. Flyboarding at Chapora River

This watersport brings a combination of jetpack and jet ski. A flyboard will be connected to the jet ski. You will be sent up 15 meters into the air at very high speed. It looks intimidating for most people, but gives an adrenaline rush to someone who likes adventure sports. Flyboarding price in goa for per person 2500 rupees for 10 minutes.

6. White Water Rafting at Tilari River

Do the opposite of kayaking if you like. Ride the challenging rapids of the Mhadei River. You will get both class 2 and class 3 rapids here. It is calm and comfortable between the rapids. Enjoy the nature, temples, churches, and Goan countryside. The best time to go for white water rafting goa is between June and September, during the rainy season or just after the monsoon. when the rivers are full with water. Cost for per person is 3200 rupees.

7. Sea Walking at Baina Beach

Not good at diving, but still want to see the sea floor? Try most amazing underwater sea walking in Goa. No need of knowledge of diving, snorkeling or even swimming experience. You just wear a special helmet that supplies oxygen to you, and climb the ladder down to reach the sea floor from a floating platform. Now start walking on the ocean floor. You will see many types species of marine life. Feed them if you wanted. But don’t touch them. Sea walking price for per person 2000 rupees.

8. Scuba Diving on Grand Island

The large fish is rare on top of the sea. You have to let go down to see them. Then there are so many corals in some sea floors, and also shipwrecks. You can occasionally see sharks, dolphins, octopus, squids, snappers, barracuda, and many other types of fish. There will be a guide with you in all the dive goa. There are dives of all levels, including those for beginners. Scuba diving cost for per person rupees 5000.

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