Brighten up your home – clocks go back!

Can you believe it is nearly that time already?

The clocks are going back and the dark evenings are on their way. The bright vibrancy of colour, sunshine and lush green spaces of spring and summer are replaced with grey skies and moody landscapes.

All is not lost though as the start of the Autumn season signals the beginning of the fabulous sights of warm reds, oranges and golden tones on the trees as their leaves change and fall in preparation for Winter.

Now is the time to be inspired by those changing leaves and bring those golden tones and deep rich colours inside our homes to give us warmth and comfort in the colder months.

Rich Colors

Mustard yellows, rich burgundy reds and burnt copper are all synonymous with Autumn, bring them through in your soft furnishings. Switch out your light cotton beige throw for a woven wool one in a bright check print or even a faux fur one will bring some texture. Update your cushions with luxury cushion covers for pops of colour to change up the theme of your space. Look for new accessories which pick out the colors in your cushions or throws, position them in focal points of the room to punctuate the space and add theater!

Jeweled Tones

If the classic warm colours are not really your preference then look at jeweled tones. Emerald greens, dark rich navy or bright cobalt blue look fantastic when combined with deep purple or pops of vibrant pink.
Explore prints that combine these colours and mix and match throughout your home. For example using one type of print in the living room then put the same colour theme but different print in the dining room as seat cushions or as a blind in the kitchen, continue through into artwork or crockery to create a stunning cohesive look.

Bold Colors

For a bit more of a dramatic change then painting bold colors on all the walls in your room can actually make a space feel more complete and whole. The rich pigments wrapping themselves around you and your imported furniture making the perfect snug cocoon to retreat to in those dark evenings.
To punctuate and lift your bold wall color then look to your sofa sets  or even occasional lounge accent chair  to bring in some brightness. We referred to cushions and throws earlier but nothing elevates a room more than a statement piece of furniture that brings focus and theatre. Depending on your preferred tones, whether cool or warm you could pick a deep rich colour or a softer more muted for your piece or even mix and match!
Have a sofa in the more muted and then the occasional chair in the brighter tone, use trims such a piping to add contrast and more drama to your piece.

The fabric pops do not necessarily need to be confined to your living space either, look for bright velvet headboards or ottomans as a way to bring color and vibrancy into your bedrooms.

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