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Home  Your home, your heaven, should be a beautiful place to live in – a place where one can feel a sense of calm and belonging, a sense of pleasure in plain existing.

Therefore you should pay simple attention to your house and its designer furnitures, and a charming place for yourself by decorating it to your heart’s content to create an inviting place.

Furniturewalla has the largest collection of home decor products carefully created to please every taste, decor and furnishing, and complementing the unique style of any space. From traditional, contemporary, and modern  to Scandinavian and industrial home interiors, you’ll find products to suit whatever style you’ve picked for your home. Be it your living room, bedroom or your drawing room, we have an various range of products for all area of your home. Check out the collection and indulge in some home decor online store for furniture for your home decor.

Different Home Decor Items Available Online

You are provided with a wide variety of Decorating options that you can choose from at Furniturewalla. Buy furniture online for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, children’s room, or bathroom. You can select products that will blend into your home. Below are some Decorating ideas that you can give a thought to:

Table Decor

Tables are used for dining, storage, work, or styling and are a must-have an essential basic piece of furniture in any home. The centre table gathers for the family at dinner, and the coffee table holds your drinks, food, accessories, books, and TV remotes while you enjoy the movie. Now you can buy online furniture shopping for a table made of durable materials with a gorgeous design that blends well with any decor style.
When you start buying a console table, work table, or coffee table online, you will quickly find that how many different options you have to choose from.


Buying a new  mirror is an important decision that impacts how you decorate your interior. Since this isn’t something you will buy frequently, it is good idea to consider some essential key factors before choosing an ideal mirror design.
In every home, a wall mirrors become an elegant element of an interior decoration. Even though mirrors have been in used since ancient times, they have undergone significant evolutions to reflect the contemporary designs and improvements in present living spaces.  Available in variety of sizes, designer mirrors for walls can be perfect placed on any wall. From enjoying its functional use to decorative application use in home decor, wall mirror are an ideal choice among the many types of mirrors.


Clocks are essential at everywhere. Without them the wall feels incomplete, the first thing that comes to our mind when we see an blank wall. They are widely available in stores and in different variety designs. But, clock designs for and office home are different.
Buy clock online only at Furniturewalla. Time is essential for everyone, and keep to it, you must meet a set time to complete all your work. designer wall clocks and watches, are not only  functional and time-keeping a tab on time, but also serve as great home accessories.

Photo Frame

Photo frames will never go out of fashion! Photo frames still hold a special place in our hearts, even though we can easily access photos on smartphones. Wooden photo frame online are a great, aesthetic way to prevent you treasure precious memories. You can place wooden photo frames in your home or office space as you would a work of art.
You can buy photo frames online for one photos or multiple photos. The options for multiple photos are plentiful with many collage layouts or those with paper clips to pin the photos within a single frame.

Buffet & Cabinet

In every elegant dining room, you’ll find a chic, well-styled buffets working twice as long time to look elegant while creating much needed storage space.
Be a little flexible yourself and add a buffet cabinet in your bedroom or living room. The doors or drawers allow for all those little extras to be stored before they get cluttered, and the top surface is perfect for a bowl of keys or a photo display. The large, natural wood finish options are a perfect choice for bedrooms – master or spare bedroom.  Buffets with geometric steel legs are all the rage, ready to store socks and slippers.

Table Lamp

Table lamp have been popular since the Victorian era. With the changing aesthetics from beadings, fringes, and stained glass, to terracotta, the lampshades styles have been evolved. You can decorate your room with an attractive bedroom bedside lamps that will sit upright beside a photo frame on the bedside table. Take your interiors a to the next level higher by opting for small table lamps that mix absolutely with almost all modern styles. floor lamps online not only beautify the ambiance of your home but they also provide ample light in the corners where you need it most. Whether a study table or shoe cabinet in the living room desk, small table lamps fits perfectly without occupying more space.

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