How to Prepare for CBSE Class 11 English Exams 2021-22

As we all know, the class 11 exams are near, many students are stressed about their English papers. The English exams are not tough to score high, but you need to prepare well for this.

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From our past experiences, we have seen that students don’t focus much on the English papers and in the end, they are not able to manage the syllabus. So, we are here to tell you some amazing preparation tips for the CBSE Class 11 English exam to score high.

Interestingly, many students ask us about just one most effective tip for the Class 11th English papers. So for those students, the answer is regularly solving the Class 11 English Sample Papers after completing the syllabus.

There are 2 Class 11 English Books that you need to study for the exams. So, let us give you detailed tips to prepare for CBSE Class 11th English Term 2 Syllabus.

Preparation Tips for Class 11 English Exams (Term 2)

Students can check out the preparation tips below and are advised to properly follow the tips.

Complete the Class 11 English Syllabus Soon

If you wish to get good marks in the English papers, you must complete the syllabus. To complete the CBSE 11 English Syllabus, you can categorize the topics based on their weightage and difficulty level. So, you can complete those topics first, which has high weightage and are easy to study.

This way, the whole Class 11th English syllabus can be completed systematically and give more focus to topics that cover higher marks.

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Study the Fundamentals of Class 11 English Grammar

Grammar is an important section that can be a scoring section, but students have to have a good command of the grammar rules. For this, we advise all the students to pay proper focus in the English classes.

The Class 11 English Grammar syllabus includes Determiners, Tenses, Clauses and Active and Passive voice. Students can make notes of grammar rules during the school classes and make their fundamentals strong.

Regularly Do the Reading Practice

In the Class 11 English exams, the reading sections consist of 15 marks. So, with regular practice, you can get these 15 marks easily. For this, what you can do is to solve 1-2 reading comprehension passages daily.

Students should note that they can save their time in this section and secure 15 marks. So, after solving these passages, analyze the time taken and how to minimize it.

Improve your Writing Skills

Another important preparation tip for the Class 11 English exams is to master writing skills. Not just from the exam point of view, but a good writing skill will help you a lot in your career.

Now, coming back to class 11, in writing skills, you need to focus on the vocabulary you use, spelling, and different writing styles. This will help in presenting your answers in a better way.

Moreover, we also suggest students improve their writing speed. If you’re a slow writer, then there are high chances that you can’t complete the paper on time.

Solve Enough Sample Papers

Now, we have already talked about solving sample papers. When you solve the latest Class 11 sample papers 2021-22 for term 2, you not only get to know your preparation level, but it also helps you in managing the time.

While solving the Class 11 English Sample Papers, you first need to allot time for each section and try to complete the sections in the allotted time. Also, when you regularly solve papers, your anxiety level also goes down.

Do Proper Revisions

As you complete the Class 11 English Syllabus, you must start revising the course. It is important as, without proper revisions, all your efforts till now will go in vain.

However, many students struggle to take out time for revisions. So, what you can do is to allow 30-45 minutes daily for revisions. During this time period, you can revise your literature portion and grammar notes that you must have prepared and other topics.

Along with this, you can also solve 1-2 English comprehension passages, so your that reading section will also become strong.

Some Important Paper Presentation Tips for Class 11 English Exams

Now, you have a proper plan to get good marks in the Class 11 English exams. However, there is one more crucial thing, that students should focus on. And, that is the Paper presentation.

With a good paper presentation, you can score 5-8 marks higher with the same preparation level. So, let’s check out the Class 11 English Paper Presentation Tips.

  • For long answers, use shorter lines and paragraphs.
  • Moreover, in the long answers, make sure to underline important words, phrases or lines. This will help the teachers understand your answers easily and make a good impression.
  • Ensure that you don’t write incorrect spellings. For this, make sure to re-read the complete answer sheet once your English paper is completed.
  • While writing a long answer, letter, formal invitation or making a poster, start them on the new page.
  • Leave enough spaces between the answers to make your answer sheet look clean. You can make a line after each answer.
  • Write all the questions in sequential order.


So, we hope that with these study tips, you can score high marks in your class 11 English exams. Now, prepare a study timetable for yourself based on the tips and study with full discipline to get good marks.

As we all know, English is a scoring paper, so don’t waste this opportunity to get as many marks as possible.

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