Cleaning and Maintenance of Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers not only lose the natural beauty of the original plants, but also can be dyed at will. after being inserted, it is durable and easy to manage. at the same time, it is not limited by lighting, and can also be used in dark light. so let’s take a brief look at the cleaning and maintenance methods of artificial flowers.

one. characteristics of artificial flowers:

1. bright colors, unique shape, dignified and elegant, long preservation time, spring in all seasons;

2. the cost price is much lower than that of flowers, and the market profit margin is large;

3. there are many varieties and will not be out of stock due to the alternation of seasons;

4. flower lovers who are allergic to pollen can enjoy it with confidence;

5. while enjoying leisure and entertainment, craft lovers can get their favorite gifts and good enjoyment;

6. it is a rare personalized gift to give your work to a friend, so that you can be full of a sense of accomplishment in your work;

7. it is suitable for room decoration, especially for busy office workers who have no time to look at flowers or who do not know how to grow flowers but love flowers and plants.

two. artificial flower cleaning

1. cleaning method of randomly placed artificial flowers

arbitrary placement of artificial flowers means that the flower stems are not fixed on the dried flower mud and can be placed at will. this flower arrangement is best cleaned. first, take the flowers out of the vase and wash them directly with water. it can also be washed in a pot (although it is a little lighter with your hands, although it is not a real flower, but it is also very delicate), but it is best not to put washing powder, because some washing powder has a corrosive effect, so the flower is easy to fade, and the flower is very delicate. the dust on it can be washed off with a rinse. clean flowers should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, just drain the water. to prevent staining, wash separately.

2. the cleaning method of the flower arrangement of the suit

there are many flower arrangements for suits. if removed and washed, it may change its original shape after drying. collection flower arrangements are generally divided into two types: large flower arrangements and small flower arrangements.

small flower arrangement: just rinse the whole flower arrangement. after rinsing, tilt the flower pot slightly to let the water in the flower pot drain out, and put it in a ventilated place to dry. not suitable for prolonged exposure.

large floral arrangements: clean with a watering can and a rag. use a watering can to sprinkle water over the floral arrangements, trying to get as much water as possible to each flower, then wipe off with a rag.

3. cleaning method of european flower, bright flower and yarn flower

most of the flowers of the fabric are washable, but some flowers are made of yarn, and some have sequins, which are difficult to clean or easy to fall off. in this case, you can use a duster and pat with a dry rag, but the interval should not be too long, and the dust cannot be removed without cleaning for a long time. but if you like the old classic feel, you can clean it again after a long time.

third, the maintenance of artificial flowers

1. please do not expose artificial flowers to the hot sun for a long time, otherwise the flowers will lose their bright colors and become more and more dim.

2. please do not keep artificial flowers in water for too long, especially in hot water, otherwise the flowers will fade.

3. if the flower is sticky with dust due to long-term storage, gently brush the petals and leaves with a soft brush, and place it in a cool place to dry. the cleaning method above has been explained very clearly, not much to say.

4. most artificial flowers are made of silk, which is flammable. keep away from candlesticks, candles, incense and other sources of ignition.

5. the length of artificial flowers can be adjusted as needed, and can be directly bent or trimmed.

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