Complete Guide to Psychometric Tests in Recruitment

Every day recruiters post job vacancies on their websites, newspapers, and job portals like or online platforms like LinkedIn, intending to find the best talent for their company. While drafting the best and most attractive job postings is critical in gathering a large candidate pool, the assessment methodology implemented to evaluate them makes the real difference. 

This is where a psychometric assessment test comes into play. It is a widely popular means of evaluating a large pool of candidates without spending considerable time and money interviewing each individual. 

Scroll down to find answers to some of the most common questions on a psychometric assessment, like what is a psychometric test in recruitment, its benefits, and more. 

What is a Psychometric Test in Recruitment?

A psychometric test evaluates a candidate’s mental abilities and personality. Based on a candidate’s answer, psychometric testing can anticipate significant insights such as job performance, competency, and motivations.

Ability and personality tests are the two main categories of a psychometric assessment. While a capacity test determines the level of cognitive ability of an applicant, a personality test helps you learn about the candidates’ motives and behaviours. The former empowers you to test applicants’ numerical, linguistic, logical, and critical thinking abilities, among others. On the other hand, the latter helps you determine whether or not an applicant will be suitable for a specific job role or work culture. 

Why use a Psychometric Assessment in Recruitment?

When it comes to hiring, a psychometric assessment test can give you insight into a candidate’s potential by predicting their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other job-related attributes in a meaningful and valid way.

A psychometric assessment is given online, meaning hundreds or even thousands of individuals can be assessed with a single click of a button, and their results can be automatically collated and published. As a result, recruiters save significant time and money due to their ability to discover top applicants quickly.

A psychometric assessment is unbiased and can be used to assess applicants at all levels of the organization, from entry-level to CEO. Hiring organizations can even construct bespoke examinations tailored to specific tasks designed specifically for their company.

Not only this, but implementing a psychometric assessment test in your hiring process offers a wide range of benefits. Some of the primary advantages include the following:

  • The most reliable job performance predictor is a psychometric test, which provides a highly effective technique for predicting how well a candidate would perform in their new position.
  • Using a psychometric test for hiring candidates results in better organizational performance leading to improved retention, lower cost per recruit, lower turnover, and higher engagement/motivation.
  • Candidates might be sent an online psychometric assessment test individually or in groups of thousands. As a result, psychometric testing takes far less time than other selection methods. In addition, reports are created automatically once candidates complete their assessments, requiring minimum input from staff.
  • Hiring a low-performing individual comes at a high price. High-performing prospects, on the other hand, generate a lot of money. Psychometric testing saves you money while also resulting in a higher-performing workforce.
  • Using psychometric tests to pick personnel improves the fairness and objectivity of the selection process. This means that rather than subjective (or biased) selection procedures, personnel can be recruited on merit using fair and standardized tests, which can help organizations avoid legal issues over unfair selection decisions.

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