There are many types of employment lawyers in Canada. These lawyers may specialize in specific areas such as discipline and terminations, human rights law, and occupational health and safety. They also deal with issues such as personal searches and drug and alcohol testing. These lawyers may also handle Employment lawyers, including wrongful dismissal claims and other matters related to employment. Some examples of cases that may warrant their assistance include sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination.

International law firm

We are leading international law firm located across Canada. Its clients include major global industry companies. Employment, and Human Rights group offers clients strategic and tactical advice to navigate complex termination without cause ontario issues. The firm’s lawyers are renowned for their proven track record of representing clients in termination without cause ontario matters before provincial labour boards, arbitration panels, and in courts across Canada.

The employment and labour group is comprised of over lawyers and practices across the country. The firm has offices in Canada and the United States. Its labour and employment lawyers also handle disputes regarding discrimination, wrongful dismissal, and quantum meruit. Its services are divided between Canada. We handles employment and human resource issues while the Toronto office.

Employment lawyers

Range of legal needs

Canadian companies and private companies frequently seek the legal assistance of employment lawyers for a range of legal needs. Their lawyers provide advice on a variety of matters including employment legislation and general advisory work. Additionally, the firm’s employment litigation practice is active. We are based in Toronto and often assists clients with workplace issues.

Whether you’re negotiating an employment contract or seeking to appeal an adverse decision. We will have the knowledge and experience to help you reach a successful outcome. The firm’s lawyers have extensive industry experience in many different industries and countries, and have been ranked among the best employers in the world by several organizations. In addition to employment law. We also offers counsel in real estate, environmental law, intellectual property, technology and energy.

Range of employment

With offices across Canada, We provides comprehensive employment lawyers services. Its lawyers have extensive experience in litigation and negotiation, and have counselled numerous clients on labour and employment issues. Its lawyers also represent clients in major business transactions, including acquisitions and mergers, and in collective bargaining. We can provides a comprehensive range of employment-related legal services.

The firm’s labour and employment practice is comprised of professionals in all regions of Canada. The group’s lawyers focus on both federal and provincial employment law matters, providing day-to-day employment advice and representation in disputes. Our lawyers focus on human resources issues. This diverse team of lawyers offers a broad range of employment-related legal services, including labour law, workplace safety, and workplace discrimination.

Employment lawyers

Employment and labor law

Employment lawyers provide a full range of employment and labour law services to companies across Canada. With more than Lawyers and a national presence, they have a wealth of experience, and regularly appear in court throughout Canada. Their Calgary office is regularly called upon by major national and international companies, and has a particular reputation in the oil and gas industry. Other clients include TELUS, which recently hired partners to advise it on Management Solutions.

Our broad practice includes privacy, employment and labor law. We also focuses on the privacy aspects of major transactions, and regularly provides advice to clients regarding these issues. A lawyer who splits his time between toronto, has been named a partner in 2021 and regularly assists employers in the labour and employment aspects of high-profile transactions. We  also handles employment disputes and wrongful termination litigation.

Range of industries

Based in Toronto, the employment team provides comprehensive services to clients across the country. The firm offers advice on both standalone employment matters and corporate support. We advises on employment contracts, while we acts for many federal and provincially regulated employers. Our employment and pensions expert, and Christine Plante joined the firm in September 2020 from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

In addition to its Canadian offices, we representative office in Canada. The firm focuses on deepening relationships with clients in global business centres. We substantial experience in government relations and advising foreign clients on Canadian ventures and connecting Canadian businesses to opportunities worldwide. The firm’s global network provides access to experienced legal counsel across a range of industries. While it is known for its litigation practice, Bennett Jones also provides employment lawyers services to employers.

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