Everything About North Goa and Best Things to Do

Goa is a fun-loving city and has always warm heartedly welcomed the adventure addict. Quit a few number of people are always coming together from nooks and corners of the world to experience the adventure with north goa tour packages.

Are you in a party mood? Then north Goa might be the perfect place for you. From stunning beaches, delicious food to the famous shacks, North Goa is the complete package that can help you enjoy to the filled. This list here is an combination of the best things to do in North Goa.

Take a look at the list and make sure to try all of them while you visiting this most amazing places. This will surely make your trip unforgettable at this wonderful destination. You will enjoy in best things with north goa tour.

1. Trekking at dudhsagar Falls – Dudhsagar is one of highest waterfalls in India. Now imagine the fun and excitement that one would get while trekking and hiking along this route. Wouldn’t it be great sound? You can experience the wonders of this trek route if visiting dudhsagar waterfall trip in goa is one of your planned affairs.

The trekking becomes rewarding as one can get to see the unforgettable beauty of the highest waterfalls. There are so many easiest ways to reach the place and after that it becomes one of the most visited place in north goa.

2. Scuba Diving – Diving in north Goa is one of the most recommended things to do in goa. Not only because the location is full of fun but north Goa is known for having many varieties of species that cannot be found anywhere else. North Goa is known as the third position in terms of scuba dive goa all over India.

Goa shares its border with the Arabian Sea, there are many varieties that can be seen in turtles, reef sharks, aquatic plants, etc.

3. Flyboarding – Flyboarding is something new and very different from the other common water sports popular in Goa. With this, you are going to fly high in the air above the ocean waves! This is truly just like a dream come true for every hiker. The prices for this package provided by Sea Water Sports are definitely unbeatable and will surely fit your budget.

However, the cost might vary depending upon the time duration of Flyboarding in north goa. Before moving on to actual flyboarding, our expertise team will give you demo sessions about the same.

4. Hot air balloon ride – When you leaving towards this activity, you must have to register yourself and be prepare for your journey. Your pilot will address you and give you the needed instructions. You must have to listen it carefully. In one balloon, up to 10 people are accommodated and with the inflation of the electric fans, the balloon ready to fly.

After inflating the fan, it takes around 30 minutes for the flight to get ready to fly. If this is your family trip to Goa and you want to create special memories, do not miss out on this Hot Air Balloon activity. The specialty of Hot air balloon ride in goa is activity that it allows you to capture a high views of the city that you can cherish all time.

5. Kayaking – If you visit Goa, kayaking must be one of the best activities to do in north Goa. As Goa is known for its beauty, Kayaking in goa is one such attraction by which you can appreciate the beauty of nature for as long as you can.

Rowing through the boat at your own speed makes the experience of kayaking one of the best in appreciates the beauty of the place. These rides are absolutely safe and are easy to try and therefore so many people like to try these.

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