Tattoo Placement: The Best Place on Your Body for Your First Tattoo

Tattoos Hurt!

One of my most requested questions from people who see my tattoos but haven’t had tattoos of their own is “Doesn’t it hurt to get your first tattoo?”

YES! It’s painful in the real sense however it’s not a painful pain that can’t be overcome. It’s certainly more painful than being torn by a cat, but it’s not as painful as a tooth that has been infected. It’s only my personal experience there are many others. That being said even if the pain is manageable does not mean that there’s no way to reduce the degree of pain you may be experiencing.

There’s no way to be free from the discomfort unless you’ve lost all feeling for a reason. Since this isn’t the case for a lot of individuals, you’re likely to be some discomfort associated with your tattoo. There are a variety of methods to ease the pain associated with tattoos however the first step is deciding the area on your body where you will tattoo. To get a personalized but unique tattoo must visit Tattoo Shop In Jaipur because some areas are likely to cause more pain than others areas.


More Muscle and Fat

If you’re concerned about the pain, then you’ll want to know which site to pick for your tattoo with care. Certain parts of the body are more prone to muscle and fat and these are the areas to choose in case you’re concerned. The smaller the padding, the more near to bones the needles will be as well as the greater pain you’ll experience.

In this case, you should select a location that is more cushioned to it, particularly if this is your very first tattoo. It’s best to have your first tattoo in an area of your body that doesn’t cause as much pain. When you later decide to get a new design for an area that is less painful, then you’ll be able to get an idea of what the pain might be.

1. Upper Arm Tattoo

In addition to being incredibly easy to showcase upper arm tattoos are sought-after because they’re an area that is more likely to be covered with muscles and fat, which allows beginners to achieve decent coverage but not the same pain that they would get from, say back tattoos.

This is a fantastic place to lessen the pain from your tattoo even though it isn’t your first visit to the block. The reason this is so great isn’t solely due to the lower level of pain the reason is that the upper arm area has a large canvas and allows your tattoo artist to truly express their artistic side and make the tattoo stand out.


2. Tattoos on the Outside of the Thigh

It’s not a good idea to show off a thigh tattoo in all weather conditions, however, the thigh is a part of your body that is likely to have more muscle and fat to help cushion bones and nerves from the needles. The inner thighs must be kept out of, while the thighs on the outside usually contain enough padding to cushion the discomfort. On the thigh area, you’ll have around three times as much of a canvas as you do for the arm that is higher. This means you can take it to the max if you wish to.

3. Forearm Tattoo

On your forearms, the needles will be closer to bones and nerves than in the other two options. However, since the skin is usually exposed and exposed, the skin of your forearms tends to be a little stronger and more durable than other parts and can offer more cushion. This position is perfect for those who want to ease the pain, but be capable of showing off the ink anytime they wish.


4. Calf Tattoo

Similar to a forearm tattoo and a calf tattoo the needles will be closer to the bone as opposed to those on more muscular regions. However, there’s a greater cushioning with a calf tattoo as opposed to tattoos on the forearm. Make sure you select the best tattoo artist in Jaipur, who has the right tattoo furniture since it can be more painful if must twist your legs and back in a variety of positions as you sit. This will completely defeat the point of picking this region to prevent discomfort.

5. Fingernail Tattoos

Fingernail tattoos are, in contrast to fingernail bed tattoos are believed to be the only non-stressful way to place them. The tattooist applies the ink directly on the fingernail’s surface. The only issue with this is that they’ll eventually disappear into the background, usually within the span of one year.

6. Earlobe Tattoos

Tattooing the earlobe is no more difficult than having it pierced. In fact, it is likely to be less painful since it’s not piercing completely. The only downside is that tattoos on the earlobe tend to fade faster than in other areas that are less exposed to skin.

7. Shoulders

The more muscles you’ve got here the less likely you’ll experience the most extreme levels of pain.

8. Ear Cartilage

This is a great option for tattoos since it’s small enough that you can only have a tiny tattoo, meaning you don’t need to wait for a long time.

9. Butt

It’s true: The largest muscle in the body which is the gluteus Maxus is a lower-pain point. There’s plenty of padding to safeguard yours.

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