Here Are The Latest Sliding Window Glass Design Ideas For Your Home

Sliding windows are not just easy but also extremely convenient to use. They can be fitted in any part of your house that needs additional ventilation, or covers any space where it’s required for natural light to permeate into the room. We are experts when it comes to our products and services, and we have mastered the art of customizing and designing these sliding windows according to your tastes and preferences.

When you think of a sliding aluminium window design, the first thing that comes to your mind is simplicity and style. But if you shift your gaze to its versatility and functionality, you’ll be truly amazed. Take note of how these windows make use of space in an efficient manner by maximising their utility and giving your home a cohesive look.

Sliding windows are a great choice for any home, especially if you live in a small space. They are the perfect fit for small apartments and condos as they don’t take up much room and allow natural sunlight to come through.

If you’re still not convinced, have a look at some of the benefits of sliding window glass designs:

They are energy-efficient as they let more sunlight enter your home and significantly reduce your electricity bills.

They make your home feel more comfortable and cosy while facilitating enhanced cross-ventilation.

They help you make the most optimum use of your space (big or small) as they do not require any additional clearance for opening and closing, unlike hinged windows designs.

They have a classy and stylish appearance and provide you with a better/clear panoramic view of the outdoors owing to their sleek frames.

They are durable, require low maintenance and are easy to operate because of the smooth sliding mechanism installed (fully integrated lift rails and dual brass rollers). 

Some sliding window glass designs also come in lockable options (double cam locks with a click sound when you open and close.

What Are The Types Of Sliding Window Glass Designs Available?

The glass is the most important part of a window. It lets in light and air, while offering protection from the weather, as well as security against burglars.

Types Of Glass/Glazing Used: Heat-reflective glass, safety glass, toughened glass, single glazing, double glazing, triple glazing.

Type Of Material Used For The Frame: Steel, aluminium, wood (rarely used).

The Number Of Panes And Their Mechanism: 2 panes (both movable), 2 panes (one fixed and one movable), 3 panes (centre pane is fixed while the other two are movable), 4 panes (two in the centre are fixed while the two at the ends are movable), sliding windows with a pane that tilts inwards, sliding windows with removable panes.

How To Clean And Maintain Sliding Glass Windows?

The sliding windows are one of the most convenient options for homeowners as it offers an unobstructed view to the outside world. However, these can get dirty due to frequent use, especially if you have pets at home that love to hang around the windows.

It is an absolute breeze to clean sliding glass windows from the inside, but it becomes quite a task to clean them from the outside. But who says it’s impossible? Here are a few simple ways in which you can clean sliding glass windows:

Use a small duster or pointed nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to brush out any dirt or debris from the window track.   

Remove your operable windows from their frames completely if you want to go for a ‘deep clean’. Set it against the wall and use a gentle cleanser/mild dish soap with a wet cloth to clean the window tracker and the glass panes. 

Use a ladder/step stool on a stable, dry and flat ground if the sliding windows aren’t within your immediate reach from the outside. Clean them using a long-handle glass cleaning tool and soap-water mixture.

Aluminium Sliding Window Glass Design

This aluminium sliding window glass design is a must-have for any modern kitchen. The openable panels allow proper air circulation and cross-ventilation in the space. It brings in most of the natural light from the outside thereby cutting down on the need for using artificial lighting during the day. These sliding windows are durable and accentuate the elegant look of the kitchen.

Sliding Window Glass Design For The Balcony

Sliding windows are amazing when you want to enjoy the natural breeze while allowing sun in your home. These windows have a naturally strong profile, are extremely sturdy in nature and pair well with the brick wall on the side. They’re environment-friendly and also offer high sound and thermal insulation. They’re like a house within a house.

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