House Cleaning Tips: Ultimate Guide

Do you know that saying that a messy house is a messy mind? That saying implies that the messy and untidy environment can poorly reflect on the state of our minds.

Clutter, mess, dirt, dust all of these things can negatively affect the quality of our lives – making us prone to allergies, creating emotional and mental problems, making us unproductive amongst many other things.

To avoid this and to keep your home clean and tidy, you need to know certain house cleaning tips that will make your life easier. Here we give you the ultimate house cleaning guide.

1.      De-clutter

Clutter is easy to accumulate but difficult to get rid of. Cleaning a cluttered home is a pointless task, that’s why you should deal with clutter first and then proceed to clean the house. All horizontal surfaces in your home such as floors, countertops, tables, dresses should be clean and free of piles and unnecessary things.

Get rid of all the things that have no place in your home, things that you no longer use, you can either throw them away, donate or recycle them. Today, there are so many options out there, that you never need to deal with clutter again.

A cluttered home can negatively affect our brains, making us unproductive, and negatively reflecting on our everyday life.

2.      Make a cleaning plan

After you cleared out all the clutter, before rolling up your sleeves and grabbing the mop, think about creating a plan that will help you tackle every corner of your home without making your life a nightmare and cleaning cumbersome.

To keep your home clean and tidy, there are chores that you can do daily and there are chores that can be done weekly or even monthly. So, make a list or schedule of all the things that can be done first thing in the morning or throughout the day.

By creating this cleaning schedule, you’ll have an easier time combining house chores with your other daily activities.

3.      Daily cleaning chores

You can start from the moment you get up – make your bed, and put away the clothes. Some clothes will need to be put in the laundry hamper, others will have to be placed in the wardrobe and drawers. If the hamper is full – it’s time to do the laundry. Put the washing machine on while you do other chores. And that’s the bedroom done!

In the bathroom, immediately after you’ve had a shower, wipe down the walls and shower glass to prevent water spotting and soap buildup. Wipe down the fixtures as well, counter space, and sink. Don’t forget to hang up the damp towels and bath mats!

Next up is the kitchen. The first thing, well the second, the first is getting a cup of coffee and some breakfast! The second thing is loading the dishwasher or washing your dishes. To keep things clean and organized, the best thing would be to always do the dishes after every meal.

Keep countertops and the kitchen floor clean and clutter-free. Never let kitchen countertops pile up with dirty dishes and immediately clean up any spills and crumbs from the floor. After that, you can throw out the trash or recycle it.

The last places to tackle should be your living space and entryway. If the living room is messy, put things away to their places, and if there is the need, vacuum the floors. As for the entryway – deal with shoes, and clean the floors.

4.      Weekly cleaning chores

Weekly chores will be a breeze since you’ve done your cleaning daily up until now. Skipping daily cleaning will make weekly chores tedious, so try not to skip anything.

Weekly chores include vacuuming and cleaning floors a bit more thoroughly in every room. If you have rugs, vacuum them first, then roll them up and vacuum and clean the floors underneath then put back the rugs. Anti-fatigue mats should also be taken care of. Use a mild soap with hot water to clean your anti-fatigue mats and to eliminate dirt and grease.

Wipe down all surfaces in your home, dust the counters, wipe the kitchen appliances, electronic equipment, tops of bookcases, and fan blades.

Change the bedsheets in the bedroom, do the laundry, and dust the surfaces in your bedroom as well. In the bathroom, do a bit of deep cleaning – toilet, sinks, counters, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, everything should get a good scrub. And as the last task, replace the towels with fresh ones.

5.      Monthly cleaning chores

Once again, we must mention how easy to tackle these monthly chores will be since you’ve done most of your chores and cleaning on a daily and weekly basis.

At the end of every month, you should dive into your oven, fridge, and microwave and give them a good, deep scrub. You’ve been using all these appliances over the month so they are bound to need some attention.

Don’t forget to degrease and clean the dishwasher simply by adding some vinegar and running the empty dishwasher on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will get rid of any remaining bits of food, grease, soap scum, residue, and other leftover grime. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the trash cans and recycling bins!

You can deal with any potential mildew or mold on grout lines and other surfaces of your bathroom. Hardcore soap buildup as well.

Check for cobwebs, dust, or grime in hard-to-reach places in your living room. Clean behind and under furniture, since you don’t do this on a daily or weekly basis. Clean your door mats – dust them or wash them to prevent the dirt from being carried into your home.

Wipe down the windows, wash and replace curtains, and simply do the cleaning of the things that you don’t get to do over the week or during the day.

6.      Seasonal cleaning chores

Seasonal chores as their name suggest are those done once a year or seasonally.

These kinds of chores are more like organizational chores that don’t need to be done more frequently. For example, once a year you can take out all your clothes and see what you use and what you can get rid of.

Similarly, you can take out everything from your kitchen cabinets, wipe it down and arrange it back in its place – throw out or replace what you don’t use or what’s been damaged.

You can do this in most of the rooms of your house. Take out everything and check it, throw what you don’t need or use, and what you do, wipe down and put it back in its place.


And this is it – the ultimate cleaning guide. When you think about it – cleaning is not all that difficult or cumbersome, you just need to be well organized and have a good house cleaning plan. With this guide, keeping your home clean and organized can be a piece of cake.


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