It was in the past once every single business day of a taxi driver was completely dependent on taxi agents for getting passengers. The whole procedure used to be less productive and costlier as compared to that of the present date. Also, after reaching from point X to that of point Y, the cab drivers, with shallow knowledge related to a specific area, used to experience challenges in getting fresh passengers in the point Y.

Today the zone of the taxi industry is swiftly changing. The concept of limo dispatch software simply to take all the issues to jump out of the window and shift the entire process to an application on a smartphone. Clearly the introduction of these platforms and applications, also known as even driver dispatch app, has got a huge change in the landscape of taxi service as well as that of transportation industry. It has started to help the entire taxi business expand with the aid of an all-in-one operating system for sending off taxis, tracking diverse locations, processing payments, and even managing overall income.

The working of such an app or software

In a limo or taxi booking type of app, from booking a taxi to that of even completing the journey – the entire process is having some simple yet technological type of steps that advantage both the passengers and that of even drivers. Of course, you can get a quick example below:

  • The user will get one more ride notification once the taxi reaches the pickup site. This type of notification alerts the user about the reality that the driver is waiting and all set to begin the journey once the passenger will come.
  • After opening the software or app, the users get immediate access to nearby available cabs with the help of automatic activation of GPS.
  • Once users have found the availability of cabs within a map, the users can easily and effectively produce the request to avail a cab service from the app. They just need to click the “book or reserve a ride” button and the move is going to prompt the adjacent taxi driver with a swift ride notification. When the acceptance gets done from the driver’s side, the user will get notification of the taxi location and likely arrival time.
  • Once the ride finishes, the driver is allowed to get the payment either by cash or that of via any in-app e-wallet or even internet banking. Also, the chauffeur may receive a rating and that of a review from the passenger as a tweak of feedback.

What you should know is that in such apps or platforms, all the chauffeurs require to register, sign somewhat a contract, and even decide to dedicatedly drive the taxi on revenue sharing base. In such a type of setup, the drivers earn a specific type of portion of every ride they get and simply share the overall revenue as per the particular company’s norms. They possess a separate type of user interface, directly associated to the admin dashboard where their activities may conveniently get tracked.


So, you can speak with the professionals and get a good and effective limo dispatching software for your limo business to reach great heights and expand your business.

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