How Can You Be A Rich Freelancer And Have A Secure Future?

If you are working as a freelancer, you are your own boss. It can be exciting as well as pressurising. Freelancers are leading a combined life of personal and professional.

This combination sometimes can turn out to be a hectic one. One mistake made by you can impact your hard earned income.

For example, if you work from home and complete an assignment, your laziness can eventually disrupt the standards. You may be unable to complete the task on time.

This can take your freelancing job away from you. Hence, you have to spend a little extra time on your workstation. You can create your workstation by clearing out some space from your room.

Whether you are working as a freelancer or full-time, you need to have a dedicated workspace for your work. This affects your productivity and efficiency. As a freelancer, you may also face issues with earning money.

You may have a specific figure in mind, but you may be earning less than that. Therefore it becomes difficult to manage your expenses and go for a secure future.

But if you are saving money in a smart manner as a freelancer, you can quickly get your amounts.

Try to utilise the amount that you are getting in an effective way. Simultaneously, do not worry about your finances as you can easily manage them for a secure financial future.

Make money while freelancing

Freelancing may sound like a dream for anyone who is pissed off from their regular job. So if you have got this opportunity, make the most of it.

The best part of being a freelancer is that you are not answerable to anybody, and you are fully responsible and accountable to yourself. Along with this profile, just learn some tricks to manage your money.

This will make you responsible and enthusiastic about your job. As a freelancer, if you are still facing financial issues, you can easily apply for same day loans for the unemployed. These loans will assist you in carrying out your daily expenses.

Money making tips for freelancing

1. Make an Emergency Fund

You may be earning a little less than your peers. Hence, you have to be very careful in saving more money. In this case, you have to maintain an emergency fund.

This fund works as a saviour in case of difficult situations. Every situation is temporary, but you need some finances with you to cater to that situation. Make a Financial cushion for you to fall back upon.

If you have some savings to look up to during the dry times, you are going in the right direction. Sometimes there are payments and bills to be made. It will be challenging to pay your bills without any income or money incoming.

Hence, always keep an emergency fund with you. Once that emergency fund is exhausted, refuse it and keep it intact.

2. Do not leave the job abruptly

If you are going for a freelancing job and have a regular job with you, do not leave your job.

Many freelancers leave their jobs and get straight into a self-employed venture. Till the time you do not have enough savings and income at your disposal, do not leave your job. The day you leave your job is the day where you are stopping your easy income.

Hence, be consistent with your work and wait for your clients to quit. There is no harm in working as a freelancer as it is a support to your finances.

3. Earn multiple incomes

As a freelancer, do not just rely on one and come. If you are already into freelancing, you can pick up multiple jobs and have multiple streams of income.

Relying on one income can disappoint you in the long run. As a freelancer, it is not always enough to have many jobs. Preferably, you can pick up 2 to 3 small Jobs and stay stress-free.

Preferably choose these smaller jobs that have a lesser burden on you. If you are picking all three jobs with a high burden, you may not be able to complete your tasks.

4. Stay debt-free

If you are not maintaining an emergency fund, you may go into debt. Since it is essential to pay off your bills and make payments, you have to take a date and pay them off. Maintain the fund as mentioned above.

Before you think of buying anything, first think of your debt. Once you start leading a debt free life, you can easily manage your other finances. Do not fall into the debt trap. If you still wish to avail of loans, only go to reliable lenders.

These lenders may offer you good loan options, such as poor credit loans with no credit check. Once you have received these loans, you can focus on their repayments.

5. Make use of free software

Freelancers are expected to work on low-efficiency software. But you can choose efficient software that does not cost much with a low cost of production.

You can also go for open source software that is affordable and efficient in its use. For example, if you are not able to buy the retail version of Microsoft Office, you can use an alternative such as Apache open office.

This was previously known as open This is available for free and is effective. Similarly, you can find other free alternatives to paid software and be efficient and productive in your work.

6. Claim All Expenses

Many freelancers end up paying tax that is more than what is required from them. Do not neglect this tax expense. It can actually eat up all your income. Be aware and careful while paying your taxes.

You can hire a professional for your tax returns if you’re not sure. They are aware of everything and will assist you at every point.

For example, if you are buying home office equipment or you are buying everyday supplies, you should be aware of these incomes. Make sure to keep all the invoices with you, as it is essential to provide evidence for your tax returns.

7. Avoid paid marketing techniques

If you want to promote a website or a blog for your freelancing, you can use free online marketing methods.

These days marketing methods have become a real expensive deal. For promotion or marketing, companies charge a humongous amount. But marketing does not mean spending huge amounts of money.

You can promote your product even with an affordable method of marketing. SEO is a good option on the internet. If you can learn SEO marketing, you can quickly get into effective marketing for your products and services.

Getting paid advertising is always accessible. But charging high money for it is not feasible. Try to get your hands on free marketing methods.


As a freelancer, there are many monetary benefits. For example, there is no need for unnecessary deductions from your employer. You get what you earn.

But if you do not know how to save money, you may be left with nothing towards the end. Hence, it is essential to save money for yourself f and your bright future.

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