How Can You Teach Your Child English Effectively?

English is a prominent language in the entire world. Maybe you have a different mother language, but learning English is important in the present time.  And if you are a parent and you feel that your kids should learn this language and how to speak in the same; you must help them.

If you are confused about how to teach kids to speak english then this post might get you some points to get you started. Indeed, you have the power and dedication to see your child speaking fluently in English. So, here are some things that you should give a try to help your child ace at this language. But before that, if you are wondering what are the perks of teaching a child English then here are some:

  • It gets more exposure to the child.
  • They develop a proper habit of speaking in English.
  • Learning a foreign language definitely has cognitive benefits such as flexibility of mind, enhanced level of creativity, boosts memory, better critical thinking and even problem solving skills
  • Better access to data on the internet
  • Higher level of academic achievement
  • Cultural enrichment

So, since you know the perks, here is how you should teach your child english.

Set a proper Routine

The premium way to learn is to practice every single day, hence it is crucial to set a routine for your kid. You need to fix a specific time and stick to it. Short sessions of nearly fifteen to twenty minutes are sufficient for very young children as they own a short attention span. Also keep in mind that these short, regular sessions are better than any sort of long, irregular ones. You need to make the overall sessions informative, interesting and fun filled. What you can do is, you can use an english speaking app and ensure that you use it for teaching your child. The different practice areas and techniques of the app will entice your child while he or she learns.

Play English Games

Ah, children learn better when they are having a lot of fun. Therefore, engaging them in games is quite the finest way to teach them English. Make proper flashcards, play games such as Pictionary or scrabble and also do crosswords with them to practice English. The point is you need to bring the game aspect to teach your child english.

You can engage in role-play

Role-play simply means to act out or simply perform the part of a character. Make a small interesting tale or story with your child’s favourite cartoon character or even super hero and act it out. You can speak out the dialogues and involve the kid in the story line to practice speaking fluently in English. Of course, since their favourite characters are involved in the storytelling, you can be confident that your child grasps it better.

Show Picture Books or app

Kids do love bright coloured picture books or simply application segments. Use these to impart them the alphabet, names of animals, fruits, proper vegetables and so on.  Of course, once they are good at all these areas, let them get the sense of sentence making by using such words. You can use an app and get all the different levels of learning english and guide your child accordingly. For example, if there is an app with some pictures of dogs, park, food and more, let your child use the words and make a sentence and then eventually tell you a story using these words.


So, these were some of the effective ways if you are wondering about how to teach kids to speak in english. Once you practice them, your child would definitely do well at this language!

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