How good is your bed? What are the mental health benefits of making a morning bed?

Choosing the right bed can a big decision. To ensure you make the right one, we at Cookes are going to outline a few key things to look out for, making the whole process easy and simple.

We always recommend you pop down to your local store and actually try the Mattress and Bed out. This is so important. Come armed with your tape measure to check the dimensions of the bed you have in mind. Check the width and length to ensure you have enough room to move around, don’t forget to take into account your bedside tables too when visualizing the space.

If possible, always try and go a little bigger in king size beds, giving you and your partner enough space to move around will give you both a chance of the best nights sleep. Headboard height is also a key measurement to factor in. If it will be the feature of the room then make it high and think about having a statement color or wallpaper behind and your pictures to the side. If you want to hang artwork or wooden photo frame above and have standard height ceilings, the headboard needs to be 1.5m maximum off the floor.

Now for the Mattress…So, you have selected the right bedstead or divan for your room. Now the mattress is where you need to get a bit personal and think about how you sleep. Are you a side or front sleeper? Are you more comfortable laying on your back?

The position in which you sleep can determine the style and firmness of your mattress

Side sleeper – Soft – Medium Mattress

If you sleep on your side you need to allow a bit of give for your shoulder, elbow and hips. Anything too firm could cause unwanted pressure and stiffness when you wake up.

Front sleeper – Medium – Firm Mattress

Sleeping on front requires medium – firm support to ensure your lower back does not feel compressed, equally your hip bones need some softness.

Back Sleeper – Firm Mattress

People who sleep on their back require mattresses at the firmer end of the scale. To ensure your back stays as straight as possible.

What else should I think about?

Once you have picked the mattress and your Italian bed now you need to think about what goes on it. These are just as important in terms of comfort and style. Pillows can provide the additional support to your shoulders and back, particularly if you are a side sleeper. Duvets not only keep you warm but are an important factor in regulating your temperature through the night, enabling an undisturbed night of sleep. Look for breathable, washable fillings where you can.

The choice today is endless with synthetic (hollowfiber / microfiber) or natural (feather or down), or perhaps a pillow filling type which is more substantial like memory foam, latex, wool, cotton or even water as options. Get designer cushions covers which suitable to your pillow.

Think about how you sleep, the support you need and shop around for which would be best suited to you.

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