All About Artificial Roses

silk roses and other artificial flowers are becoming a regular feature in many decorations. the reasons for the widespread use are that they don’t wither quickly; they have a low maintenance cost and are available all year round. they are also less sensitive to weather and do not trigger allergies.

despite these advantages, many people are still asking how long they will last? this article will discuss the lifespan of faux rose flowers and suggest ways you can care for the flowers to extend their lifespan.

The Lifespan Of Silk Roses

silk roses can last for years as long as you provide adequate care. to make these silk flowers last as long as possible, do the following.

Mind where you keep the flowers

although you can display your silk flowers anywhere, keeping them out of direct sunlight is essential. using artificial flowers for your outdoor decoration may not be out of place, but you should take them indoors after. permanently exposing them to direct sunlight will result in the fading of flowers and shortening of their lifespan. if you want the flowers to last a long time, ensure that you create a safe place to keep them.

Clean the flowers regularly

prevention, they say, is better than cure. if you want your artificial blooms to last, one good practice you must develop is regular cleaning. you should dust them at least once a week. you can use a hairdryer on a cool, low setting to blow off the dust, and if there is still some remaining, use a microfibre cloth to wipe it off. do not use a paper towel for cleaning the flowers.

How to clean your silk roses

silk flowers are beautiful decoration items. they add elegance to your interior and exterior decoration; they don’t dry up quickly like real flowers and brighten up areas where real flowers cannot. despite these advantages, silk and other faux flowers are not immune to dust and dirt.

so, what do you do when your silk roses become less beautiful due to dirt, dust, and stains? you can follow simple but effective ways to keep the flowers fresh and always shining, thus making them last longer.

they are as follows:

Know when to clean

one of the reasons many people choose artificial flowers over real flowers is their low maintenance cost. silk roses and other artificial flowers will not wilt even if you abandon them for a while. however, for the roses to last longer, it is essential to set up a cleaning routine.

some may prefer to clean the flowers daily, weekly, or monthly, while others prefer to clean them only when they have observed dust. while we recommend having a schedule for cleaning your flowers, it is also important to immediately clean them if you observe any unusual stain other than dust.

if you accidentally spill something onto the flower; it is necessary to immediately clean it off as soon as possible to prevent staining. silk and polyester materials stain easily, and if you don’t remove stains quickly, it can damage your silk flower. if you observe that any part of the flower is damaged, you should repair it as soon as you can.

it is better and easier to repair the damage before it becomes irreparable. the good news is that you can easily keep your silk roses and other flowers from harm by following the simple safety precautions we have listed here.

Know how to clean

you can use different methods to remove dust and grime off your faux flowers; each of these methods has a specific area where it is useful. for instance, you can use the dry method, which is easier, more economical, quick, and perfect for flowers with little dust covering or those that need some minor freshening up.

there is also the wet method, which is not always suitable for every type of faux flower, so it is best to check whether this method suits the type of flowers that you are trying to clean.

Store the flowers properly

it may be necessary once in a while to store your fake flowers away essentially extending their lifespan which also means you won’t get tired of seeing the same plant. when storing them, it is necessary to look for places that will keep them safe and undamaged. one of the best places for storing artificial flowers is inside a pillowcase or a large, sealed cardboard box.

this is because pillowcases are soft, breathable, and sturdy enough to protect the flowers. for a large set of flowers with loose stems, you could remove the stems, wrap carefully in the pillowcase and keep them in a place where they will not be crushed. for a small set of flowers that cannot be dismantled from their vase, it is better to put the flower and the vase into the pillow and keep them in a place where they will be safe from crushing.

Repair the flowers

there are two common repairs for silk roses and flowers that you may have to do. first, as the flower gets older, the ends of the petals may begin to fray. to fix this, get a small amount of fabric glue and gently apply it to the end of the petals. if some parts of the petals are already frayed, you will have to trim the ends of the flower with scissors.

again, you may notice that the glue on the silk rose has failed. in such situations, you will need to reapply the glue. apply a dab of hot glue at the end of the flower where it attaches to the stem. while fabric glue is the preferred option for attaching petals, you can also use tweezers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do silk roses fade?

silk roses are artificial plants made from a blend of plastic and silk materials. they can fade when constantly exposed to direct sunlight. to minimise this, it is vital to protect the flower from fading in the sun by following the simple precautions highlighted in this article.

some uv-resistant sprays can help protect your silk roses from fading. for instance, you can spray a few coats of wd40 to protect silk flowers from fading. wd40 also makes them look beautiful and vibrant.

is silk the best type of material for artificial flowers?

silk flowers are the best because they look so much like real flowers. silk is naturally exquisite and attractive. the only downside is that silk is quite expensive, and this makes silk flowers the costliest of all types of artificial flowers.

Can you steam silk flowers?

yes, you can! silk roses and other faux flowers are becoming popular choices for wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets. you can even use them for cake decorations, which will require steaming. so, how do you go about steaming?

  • silk flowers are made of silk poly blend or foam, so you don’t need to steam them for too long.

  • for the steaming, you need a steamer and clean filtered water. you can use any type of steamer, but be careful not to burn yourself.

  • gently roll the silk roses or flowers over the steam, and you will notice how the petal will open. for foam flowers, you can just keep them above the steam, and you will see the petals opening as well. for silk flowers, you need to move them over the steam to get a good result.

  • guide the flowers so that the steam can bring the best out of the silk roses, especially for boutonnieres and corsages. the process is the same for bouquets, except that you have to spread the stem out before you begin your steaming so that the petals can have enough space to open up.

Can I put my silk flowers outside?

most silk flowers are not produced for outdoor use. genuine silk flowers are very delicate, and this is why they look so real, can be pricey, and are produced exclusively for indoor use. although it may be tempting to want to include silk flowers or roses in your garden together with other faux flowers that you won’t need to water, you shouldn’t go this route.

the combination of weather conditions such as sun rays, rain, and other environmental conditions can damage the fibres and dye, thereby making them lose their colour quickly. some silk flowers are designed for outdoor use. they are coated with unique materials to protect them from weather and other environmental conditions.

so, if you intend to use your silk flowers outside, check out the labelling while shopping to know if it is designed for outdoor use or if it has some special coating. ideally, outdoor silk flowers have a lifespan of 60 days. if you don’t have outdoor silk flowers, don’t use your normal silk flowers outdoors.

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