How To Use Solar Lights At Home

Because solar lamps can directly absorb sunlight, they can shine, which is very energy-saving, so many friends want to install them at home, but there is no sunlight at home. How to use solar lamps at home? Let’s take a look.

1. How to use home solar lamps

1. First tear off the protective film on the surface of the solar panel to ensure that the surface is clean and tidy.

2. Find a location with sufficient sunlight to fix the solar lamp, so as to ensure that the lamp can shine normally.

3. Because the solar lamp may not have electricity when using it for the first time, it needs to be placed in the sun for more than 5 hours before it is officially put into use. In addition, because solar lights are to be used in dark environments, when installing, try to avoid other light sources.

2. What aspects need to be considered when installing solar lights

1. Consider whether there is sunlight

Because solar lights need sunlight to emit bright light, when installing solar lights, it is necessary to consider whether the installation location can be exposed to sunlight, and the time of sunlight exposure should be as long as possible, so as to ensure that the solar lights can be used normally.

2. Consider the height of the solar lamp

When installing solar lights, it is necessary to determine the work of solar lights according to the use environment. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to install them in a position above 144 cm and below 185 cm, but if it is used in a bedroom, the position can be adjusted appropriately. lower.

3. Consider the quality of solar lights

To ensure the service life of solar lamps, quality is a very important part. It is recommended that users buy brand products directly, because the quality of such products will generally be better, the safety performance will be higher, and there will be perfect after-sales service. Bring great convenience to users. In addition, we must pay attention to the products of qualified quality, otherwise it is easy to leave safety hazards.

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