Interesting Facts and Information About Goa

A popular imagination sums up Goa as a zone for dissipation limited to its beaches, hippie spots, party zones with a bustling nightlife. That’s the Goa for the suppressed and the initiates. But the state is a not just a its commercial position in the travel market.

The languid charm of the south Goa’s beaches, the tranquility of the old goa’s churches and chapels, and influence of the Portuguese and the subsequent settlers on its cultural map. Typically, Goa tour packages usually offer the more touristy encounters but you can always customize your trip to include the lesser-known gems of the country. Must visit malvan island goa. Also you will love to enjoy weekend trip from Goa.

Here are the best non-beach hopping experiences you can have in Goa then go to cycle tour in goa, trekking and so many more options available for you. Also you can choose your options for Goa beach packages on to arrange for a hassle-free vacation here.

North Goa Beach Escape                                                                                                                                    In North Goa, the beaches are considered more lively and atmospheric, often visited by both local and international tourists and lined by a colourful and aromatic collection of beach shacks that serve up food and snacks.                                                                                                                                                                Goa is one of world’s best destinations for a beach holiday, with with long stretches of sand scattered virtually along the state’s coast. You can enjoy different kinds of beach holiday experiences depending on where in north goa tour you decide to stay yourself, with the atmosphere and facilities different from region to region.
One thing that does remain consistent, however is the beauty and charm of the beaches in North Goa, effortlessly drawing in vacationers who are looking for somewhere to lay their beach towel and relax.

South Goa Beach Escape                                                                                                                              Beaches are synonymous with Goa. Facing the Arabian Sea, these beaches attract just about anyone catering to the diverse needs of their visitors. Look south goa tour if you want to lose yourself to the devastation of solitude. The virginal, and pristine beaches of south Goa are lend for some long-needed contemplation. Far from the crowds, these are your refuge to wallow in the unceasing silent thought. Compared to the other beaches in the south, Palolem and Colva get more tourists.

Spice Plantations                                                                                                                                          Ponda city in Goa is dappled with patches of plantations and estates emanating the familiar aromas and the unfamiliar flavors too. A visit to a spice plantation is not just evocative or impressive, it can also educational too. Learn about the production of spices and the cultivation at the very good source.
Book yourself a guided tour at the Savoi Spice Plantation, Tropical Spice Plantation and Sahakari Spice Farms. Savoi Plantation is one of the Goa’s oldest spice plantation and contains various varieties of fruit, spice and herb plants such as cumin, cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, coriander, pepper, coconut, turmeric, cashew, and many more. They estate not only is home to coffee plants but also home to over 70 exotic species of birds like the Kingfisher.

Collect Curios at the Flea Markets
Established and popularized by the hippies who settled here, flea markets have been in existence for long time and are the defining wedge in the Goa’s culture landscape. Most of these flea markets set shop during the peak tourist season between from November to March. On a breezy Wednesday head to Anjuna, Goa’s the most famous flea market there is. The bazaar has on display the various stalls exhibiting and selling spices, handicrafts, clothing and more. and is accompanied by live music performances. The market is in full swing during Christmas. Arambol street market in the quaint eccentric village is another bazaar you need to check out while in Goa for its round the year various availability and cheapest prices than other flea markets.

When to Visit Goa
The climate of Goa can be defined as a tropical monsoon that is endearing all year round. The seasons in Goa can be categorized into: dry season and the monsoon. The southwest monsoon hits the coast of Goa in June and lasts until September. In monsoon you can also make a dudhsagar waterfall trip in goa. This is when it pours down the hardest with July being the wettest month. The peak month of December sees a inundated with tourists leading to a steep pricing in accommodation and beach water sports activities in goa are high.

Where to Stay Goa?
There are more plenty of options available for staying in Goa and probably your Goa tour package will include Hotels in Goa for family at your favorite places. The Goa city offers hotels of all types such as star rating hotels, budget friendly hotels, heritage hotels, etc. There are plenty of options available for staying in Goa.

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