OnePlus and Vivo are preparing their own foldable phones

Like any technology, smartphone technology is advancing every day. In the last year or two, we have witnessed foldable smartphones. The first manufacturer of such mobile phones is certainly Samsung, which recently introduced the second series of such mobile phones on the market.

Of course in this fight are some other manufacturers such as Motorola, and Xiaomi. But that’s honest for now. However, according to the latest information, information has emerged that two other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are also developing this technology. Namely, we are talking about the mobile phone manufacturers OnePlus and Vivo.

We know very well that some models are exclusively available in the Chinese or Asian market. While other mobile phones are available in the world market. The first foldable mobile phone from the Chinese company OnePlus should be available to everyone on the market. Which means that you could buy it outside of China as well. For now, we do not have too much information, neither in terms of technical specifications nor in terms of price. I don’t think it’s likely to be below $ 1,000.

As for another Chinese manufacturer Vivo, it should present its first foldable mobile phone called X Fold as early as next week. One of the interesting pieces of information is that the internal screen will have a diagnosis of 8 inches. However, in other respects, it will not lag behind the strongest mobile phones in the world. So it will have the latest Snapdragon processor, Android 12, 66W wireless charging, but also a high capacity battery.

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