Premium Range of VU Smart TVs That You Can Buy in India

The best form of relaxing and fun moment with friends during the time of the weekend and late-night get-together is to binge on your favourite Tv shows on your television. Having a proper tv in your home is very important. There are multiple models in the market like OLED, LCD, and LED Tv for you to choose from.

 Among all other luxury ranges of televisions, the VU TV Price is found to be comparatively in the affordable range and is not too much on the budget. In this article, we have mentioned some of the premium range of VU smart TVs that you can buy in India. So, keep reading to know more!

One of the most affordable models of the UV smart Tv, this television is the best LED Tv you can find at the cheapest rate in the market. However, the size of the screen is much smaller, the high-definition picture quality of this amazing television is so exciting. The VU tv price is also in the affordable range and is also moderate on the budget for middle-class working families.

This LED Tv comes with a resolution of 1366×768. You can seamlessly connect other devices to this tv by using the HDMI as well as the USB ports. The Dolby Atmos and the DTS studio sound capacity helps in providing greater audio performance and superior bass for first-class gaming. 

  • VU 65 Inches 4k Ultra HD Smart TV

For individuals who are looking forward to buying a high-budget luxury television, this model is the right choice as this UV Tv price is significantly on the higher side. This wonderful, smart tv has multiple attractive and exclusive option which intrigues the user so much. The large screen gives you an excellent home theatre experience and awesome movie binging.

It comes with the added quality of 3840×2160, 4 Ultra HD to give that crystal clear visuals. Additionally, this LED Tv also has 3 HDMI ports as compared to most other models, two ports offered, and two USB ports. As this UV Tv price is quite high, you can try getting this smart tv model during the offer and discount period or during the sale season. 

  • VU 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED television

The best-LED Tv you can invest in for your home is this model of VU television. The presence of high resolution, screen size, and great sound quality with some of the high-end features makes this television model the most desirable one for all people.

This VU tv price is also found to be on a reasonable side when compared to all other UV smart tv rates. When compared to competitor brands like LG and Samsung, this VU tv price is so affordable and is light on the pocket. The TV comes with additional features such as licensed apps including Netflix, Hotstar, and more, but that is standard for most smart TVs these days.

  • VU 40 Inch Full HD Ultra-Android LED TV

Launched very recently, this smart LED Tv is one of the top seller variants produced by VU. Since it has an ultra-Android facility, the option of seamless integration has become so easy, and this television is also compatible to connect with most android devices. 

You can also binge Netflix, Prime, and HULU in an easy manner on this Tv. This VU Tv price is also found to be at a very affordable rate when compared to other big brands in the market. 

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