Research-Backed Tips To Boost Your Video Marketing In 2022

Research-Backed Tips To Boost Your Video Marketing In 2022

The statistics are in and reveal a similar story. Video marketing is a necessity for any modern marketer. Here are some proven (buy youtube views uk) tips to assist you in getting the maximum value from your digital video content.

Video Content Is Powerful

There are numerous benefits to investing in video. Five billion video clips are being watched on YouTube every day. For mobile devices all by itself, YouTube reaches 18-49 years old than any other broadcast or cable television network.

YouTube infographic created by DBI

They also watch over one billion hours worth of YouTube videos per day. That’s higher than Netflix and Facebook videos together. A billion people tend to do both. Facebook alone has more than 8 billion views of videos each day.

Video is gaining popularity, and studies show that it can boost conversion rates for email landing pages and many more.

Video is a popular medium for interaction. However, it would help if you learned how to utilize it.

Types of Video Content

On the surface, it can appear straightforward. You upload and create videos that help customers move through various phases of the customer experience to accomplish different goals.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and you’re a part of it. Simple right?

This includes a variety of video content kinds. There’s a lot you can accomplish. You can design:

  • Product Demos
  • Tutorials
  • Vlogs
  • Expert Interviews
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Animations for explaining
  • Live webinars
  • Stories

What’s even better is that the process of making a video is more affordable and accessible than ever. But, it’s not the same for other users. This is why you require an effective video marketing strategy.

Here are five research-based strategies you can apply to ensure that your videos are compelling.

Focus On Narrative

This can be done in all forms of content marketing. You must inspire or otherwise entice consumers and not make them feel like they’re being held back or controlled by advertisements. You must achieve the right balance if your content is audio, written, or visual. buy youtube views uk

People tend to be emotional decision-makers who appreciate relevant stories. You’re trying to enhance people’s lives by providing real-world tips or creating an emotional connection.

Research proves how mighty the power of storytelling is. Most people would like to see brands integrate stories into their marketing. They actually would like to hear stories of real people.

Video marketing statistics

While it is crucial to present clearly what your offerings or services are, videos should also emphasize the story of your brand.

You must tell an experience, not simply sell products since people don’t respond well to those. Your target audience is probably exhausted from being bombarded with ads. Many people are dissatisfied with brands which makes them negatively feel this. You cannot afford this type of image for your brand.

The Ten Second Rule

Whatever video content you have created should have an immediate hook. It is essential to engage viewers for the very first 10 seconds.

Why? A well-known study by Microsoft Corp claims that the typical internet user has a less attention span than goldfish. While some have tried to claim that this is an unfortunate omission with smartphones and tablets, others consider it to be an evolution of humans’ attention spans in the digital age.

We are constantly bombarded with content that we’ve developed a more selective and clear mind in determining what interests us or is essential to us. This happens so fast that the video you upload is only a matter of seconds to be able to be connected.

Here are some ideas you can use to create videos that draw viewers to your site quickly:

  • Show the final result first.
  • A captivating question
  • Problem and promise of a solution
  • An amazing fact
  • Use words such as “imagine” or “what if”

It’s simple. Your video will probably not be watched if you don’t grab their attention within the first ten seconds.

Use Closed Captions in Video Marketing

Have you heard that around 85 percent of video clips on Facebook are not accompanied by sound? The majority of people also view videos without no the sound of Instagram as well as Twitter. This is because the mobile experience of social media on the traditional platforms is mainly made for soundless viewing. buy youtube views uk

Because people are watching your videos without audio, it is essential to provide closed captions. Even if your content is excellent, if viewers are watching them in silence without captions, they’ll likely not know what will take place. Captions help draw them in so you can improve engagement, click-throughs, and leads. Captions can also help users comprehend your content no matter what setting they’re in.


Captions can also allow your content to be much more easily accessible. About 5% of the world’s population, or more than 460 million people, suffer from hearing loss. Closed captions can help users to connect to your brand and content. They also play an essential role in optimizing your website (SEO).

Additionally, you can include captions in various languages. In a globalized world where the majority of people on the planet have multiple languages, This can aid in connecting your brand on the world stage.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Organic and paid search engine marketing is a significant component of any video-based marketing strategy. While much-written content, such as blog articles and case studies, can be specifically designed to achieve the highest Google rankings, it does not mean you have to ignore the possibility of using videos in this manner.

Many people forget one of the main features of YouTube. It is a vast search engine. Actually, following Google, it is the most popular search engine worldwide. Naturally, you must optimize your website for two of the most significant search engines to increase your return on investment. click here

Here are some tips you can do to improve your position in YouTube SEO:

  • Choose a suitable title.
  • Create a detailed video description of your video, similar to other best-performing ones from your genre.
  • Make sure to use all relevant tags.
  • Include a keyword-rich transcription
  • Make use of closed captions.

Text Is Key

You may have noticed that each of these suggestions requires the inclusion of text in the video you are marketing. This is because Google does not understand the content of your video in terms of its SEO rankings. It is only assessing aspects of the text.

Google also allows you to take snippets of short segments from your video to display when it is relevant to Google search queries. buy youtube views uk

Thus, cleverly incorporating text with these methods can mean that your video will rank higher on search engines such as Google or YouTube.

For the best SEO benefit from the content you post, do not publish it on YouTube or social media. Make sure that you host it on your domain first.

End With A CTA

If someone is watching all of your advertisements, there’s a chance that they’re interested in the services you provide. It is crucial to make the most of the immediate interest by putting out strong calls to action rather than letting them go through.

The moment they’re newly interested is the best opportunity to help them make a positive move. It could be looking through your products, signing up or launching a trial, or any other.

Always conclude your marketing videos by introducing the addition of a CTA, which explains the actions that viewers interested in decide to take following. This can, for example, be seen as an end screen annotation at the end of a YouTube video that invites viewers to sign up.

A Note On CTA Placement

But, your call to action does not always need to appear at the bottom. According to research conducted by KISSmetrics that one CTA on a YouTube video can generate around 380 percent more clicks than a CTA placed on the sidebar of similar pages. Be sure to make the right choice and place CTAs whenever appropriate.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous methods to approach it in the realm of videos for marketing purposes. Multiple options exist to explore ways to use the content you create, from narrative-based emotional content to educational and entertainment.

All over the world, It is not a secret that video content improves conversion rates.

Statistics on conversion rates

Ultimately, you’ll want to make yourself known as a significant source with a broad sphere of influence. Therefore, don’t be afraid of sharing whatever you do; you create!

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