Second Hand Furniture Stores in Bangalore

We are talking comfy sofas, cutest coffee table, work tables and more. But living in an expensive city like Bengaluru sometimes puts a brakes on all the furniture you need. And that’s where these second hand means used furniture stores come in. Yes! Bengaluru has a number of second hand furniture stores while you are searching for second hand furniture stores near me it shows so many results, and today, we have chosen the best rated ones for you so that bringing old yet wonderful furniture pieces feels like the best decision. Let’s check them out!

Bamboo Bazaar Fan of antique furniture? Bamboo Bazaar has got you covered. Antique and rustic furniture near me accentuates the aesthetics of the space, so head over to Bamboo Bazaar in Shivaji Nagar to find all kinds of unique furniture which are the result of superior craftsmanship. And, you can tell by the design and shaped of the wood. Go solo for the shopping set or, if you are clueless then take someone who is knowledgeable enough about of wood quality. You will definitely find a perfect addition for your space at an affordable price. So, don’t leave your favorite piece for another day, once you find something good, take it home. Or else, you may not find the same piece again.

Maharaja Used Furniture This store may not have completed a 10 years in Bangalore yet, but they bet you will get the decent price for luxury furniture. Each of their sets are kept in a good condition so that you can buy them without any worries. You can get second hand office furniture such console table, tv stands, buffet cabinet, iron and wooden cupboards, living room furniture and more. They also sell antique furniture at a discounted prices. If you are looking for a place to sell the furniture then look no further than Maharaja Used Furniture.

Classic Furniture Dealer The store has a wide selection of second hand designer furnitures collections, and you will be impressed! With a little quality check and price negotiation, you will take the best offer home. This wholesale store is also known for selling second hand furniture, sofa cum bed, dining chairs, hotel furniture, and office furniture as well.

Hindustan Furniture There is nothing assures you more about a second hand furniture store than their satisfied customer. Hindustan Furniture has their fair set of happiest customers as well, and this is the reason why we recommended you all to visit this place if you are planning to buying second hand furniture for your home. The comfort sofa sets at the store have especially caught our attention. Work desks, beds, dining tables, centre table cupboards, modular workstations, etc. are some of the items they sell. Go and grab your favorite!

Rajdhani Enterprises Running since 1991, Rajdhani Enterprises is one of the most trusted second hand furniture stores, known for its prompt service and competitive prices. Apart from selling second hand office chairs, nested tables dining tables, commercial kitchen equipment, l shaped sofa, restaurant furniture, and computer desks, Rajdhani Enterprises is also a furniture wholesaler. With a wide selection of choices in the store, you will definitely find something perfect for your space.

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