Shisha Tobacco Dosing Packing

Using an Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine unique dosage packaging line, you can pack different grammes ranging from 10gr to 500gr per package, with the ability to pack pouches in a variety of shapes and weights to meet your requirements. UMEO’s intelligent sealing technology preserves the plain quality of your shisha tobacco with 100 percent hermetic seals, allowing you to provide your customers with the best hookah smoking experience possible while also preserving the full aroma of your hookah tobacco as if it were freshly prepared; superb screw workmanship of the auger filler to improve the overall performance of the weighing system; make the most of your raw materials; decrease time and operating costs associated with the processing of deselected tobacco packs; The filling cup structure is designed for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to save a significant amount of time and human resources while maintaining extremely high hygienic standards and operating at high speeds during maintenance and flavour changeover operations.


Item No. UMEO-420
Bag Length 80-300mm
Bag Length 80-200mm
Film Width 420mm (Max.)
Packing Speed 25-50 bag /min
Gas Consumption 0.45m3/min
Air Pressure 0.68Mpa
Power 220V AC 50HZ/60HZ,Single phase,6.5kw
Package Material Aluminium film,OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,PET/PE,PE/PE etc
Total Cubic Meter 5.683 CBM
Gross Weight 835 kg
H.S.Code 8422.3030.90



It is possible to pack different types of shisha tobacco with varied weights of pillow bags using an automatic shisha tobacco packing equipment.

Sample Bag:

This snacks packaging gear is capable of working with aluminium or sophisticated plastic film, and it also has options for joint bag and punching pouch production.

Shipping Package:

UMEO always pays close attention to the details of every aspect of the packing machine, including the shipping package, which is made of reinforced non-fumigation plywood box.

Functioning Key Points:

With the shisha feature, the machine has a medium production packaging capacity; during operation, all that is required is to ensure that every filling and cutting is precise; and everything is easily operated on the HMI operation screen with the machine’s running status displayed on the HMI operation screen.

The following questions are posed: Q: What types of products does your company offer?

A: UMEO has a variety of machines, including vertical and flow packing machines; vertical packaging machinery is mostly used for granule package machines, liquid or sauce pack machines, and powder packaging solutions; and flow packing machines are used for liquid packaging solutions.


Q: What types of products can you pack with your packing machine?

As for the products we pack, our flow packing machines are primarily used to package granules (such as beans, rice, candy, and hardware), liquids (such as water, shampoo, jelly, and soup), powders (such as flour), and necessities (such as bread, vegetables, and other moulding products) using flow packing machines.


Q: What is the most common bag shape that your packing machine can produce?

In most cases, back sealing bags (pillow bags), three-side sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, qual seal bags, gusset bags, triangular bags, linking bags, and other types of bags are utilised.


Q: I’ve never used a packaging machine before, so can you tell me how to operate one? Is it a complicated situation?

A: It is extremely basic, and we make certain that you can use it easily if you follow our recommendations. As you may acquire any information that will assist you in installing and using the packing machine, such as a full instruction, a complete set design, an installation video, and even our technician, you should take advantage of this.


Q: How do you rate the quality of your packing machine? Do you have any certifications to your name?

A: We have a strict Quality Control system that includes the Design Department, the Purchasing Department, the Product Department, the Quality Department, and the Packing Department; eighty percent of our employees have more than eight years of experience, and the remaining twenty percent have five years of experience; our packing machine has International Standard CE certification, and it has passed the most important standards of MD and LVD at the same time.


Q: How can I select the most appropriate packaging machine for my product?

If you inform us about your packaging product details and packing request, we will give you with fair advise as well as the D Graph; we can even supply you with some options so that you can choose the best one for your situation.


Q: What is the procedure for placing an order for the packing machine?

A: First and foremost, we will provide you with the most appropriate and reasonable packaging machine for your needs, and we will provide you with the most competitive estimate. Second, as soon as we receive your confirmation and payment instruction, we will set up the production. We will take finished pictures and a working video for you approximately 10-30 days later; in the meantime, our Department of Quality Assurance will inspect it thoroughly to ensure that every part is free of defects; after that, we will pack and ship it, but you will typically be required to arrange the balance payment prior to shipment. Third, we handle Customs Clearance and give you with a shipment document that can be used by both Customs and you. After some time, you will be able to operate the packing machine properly.


Q: What is the after-sales service and warranty policy?

A: First and foremost, we will assist you in the installation of the packaging machine and ensure that it operates well; second, we will provide one year of maintenance and warranty coverage at no additional cost. The buyer will be responsible for performing maintenance activities, and we will supply and send new parts for defective parts to the buyer at no charge, unless the damage is the result of the buyer’s negligence.

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