Simple Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Just because you happen to have a small backyard, doesn’t mean you cannot maximally ravish in all its delight. Nowadays, you can easily transform any petite backyard into a majestic place where you can unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. With an abundance of landscaping ideas for a small backyard, you will even find it hard to choose the perfect layout that will suit your garden. And the best thing is that these ideas are utterly simple and practical. So, without further ado, here are some of the fantastic simple landscaping ideas to revive your small backyard. 

Design a perfect setting 

First things first, determine what setting you wish to have in your backyard. If you want to make a small yard open and bigger, you need to plan out the entire setting. Design the spaces in your backyard so they adequately serve their purpose. Determine where you would place the lounging and dining area, would you separate the play area from the dining area, with what type of planting would you go with, etc. Once you perfectly organize your little outdoor heaven, you would be able to easily work with the things you got. 

Make it cozy and comfortable 

Creating an ideal landscape can be a daunting task, however, unless you make it cozy and intimate you won’t get a satisfactory outdoor space. Get nice furniture, boost intimacy by placing plush floor cushions, add aromatherapy candles, hang glorious lanterns and place lots of pretty plantings. Going for minimalist appeal and creating escape nooks for reading and resting will surely open up your small backyard. 

Keep it nurtured and clean 

Before you head up buying colorful pots, cushions, and other accessories, you need to make sure your backyard stays immaculate. Find a small spot to place all the garden and landscaping utilities, such as rakes, spades, pots, hand trowels, and pruners. You can set up a small shed, or place a wooden box to hide the vital utilities. To keep your small backyard clean and meticulous you need to wash and maintain it regularly, and especially water the plants, so get a modern retractable hose reel to make the watering experience a joyful deed. 

Go for vertical gardening 

A popular and very fanciful way to upscale the look and feel of your small backyard is to go for vertical gardening. This is the smartest solution for any small area, and many homeowners resort to this option as it immensely expands the small ambiance and creates a vivacious space, especially when you lack space for planting. Luckily, you can find numerous off-the-shelf products that allow you to grow plants vertically. Go for free-standing vertical planters, DIY wooden vertical pots, place galvanizing charming vertical ladders, the list is endless. Vertical gardening creates a marvelous gardening space in a blink of an eye. 

Place charming but small furniture pieces 

It’s only logical that you would not select bulky patio furniture as it takes up lots of space and overwhelms your small backyard. But fear not! You can find charming and posh garden furniture that can fit your small backyard. Get vintage chairs with an elegant see-through pattern, or place attractive but functional pieces like collapsible and foldable chairs. Maybe go for a double-duty piece like a bench that converts into a table that will make your small yard appear lush and big. 

Add a water feature 

Don’t ever think that your small backyard is limiting you in any way because you can transform your small outdoor space into a Zen area and make it a place for relaxation and calm in no time. The easiest way to do so is to install a water feature. You can choose a small self-contained feature such as a bubbling sphere or add a nice mini fountain. The fountain requires minimum maintenance, but they create a total Zen vibe. If you wish to go all in, you can add a larger corner fountain, cascade, or even a water wall, but bear in mind that this would require more planning and a professional filtration system and installation. 

Embrace the plants and planters 

Ravish your small backyard by planting various multicolored plants and planters. Don’t neglect any corner of your little backyard and try out some of these small backyard planting ideas. Place small pots with lovely flowers such as tulip, rose, lavender, iris, bluebell, or simply plant them in the ground if there’s space. Place bold, bright colors in front of where you will be able to see them without disruption. The reason is they need to catch your attention, and at the same time, the rest of the small garden landscape beyond will seem to feel smaller. You can even utilize the surrounding structures like walls and fences and place hanging pots or add a garden thug to enlarge the outdoor area. 

Pave the area carefully 

You can leave bare soil, or you can bring a touch of the luscious Mediterranean to your yard, in any case, the secret to making a small backyard look large is to pave it carefully. The perfect and simple idea for small outdoor spacing is adding mature olive trees with gnarled trunks that will enlarge the garden. Plus, you should pave your small backyard with natural materials such as stones and wood to create a soothing oasis. Go for all-natural backyard paving elements like rustic dust bricks, posh grey stone tiles, or elegant and warm sandstone. 

Embrace layered landscape 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to upscale the look of your small backyard and make it big and welcoming is to create a layered landscape. Layer up various plants and flowers, adjust low groundcovers, add ferns, shade-tolerant understory shrubs, and picturesque trees, and top everything up with luscious overhead trees. Use things like groundcovers, bulbs, and crevice plants to create a gorgeous layered landscape that would immediately maximize your backyard appeal.


Hang string lights, revive the décor, add a personal element, and incorporate some of the above-mentioned pieces of advice and you will create a wonderful backyard area that will suit everybody’s needs.

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