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Struvite Crystals in Cats

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Struvite Crystals may form Urinary Tract Stones in cats. This can lead to painful elimination. The stones can be flushed from the body, or dissolved. They must be surgically removed in other cases. They can occur in male and female cats.

What are Struvite crystals?

Struvite crystals, microscopic crystals found in the urine from some cats, are microscopic. Struvite is made up of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate. Desert Birds  At a low level, struvite or struvite crystals may be present in your cat’s urine. However, they can become problematic when they combine with other crystals to form grit and stones of different sizes and shapes. These stones can be found in your cat’s urinary bladder, urethra or kidneys.

Struvite Stones in Cats: Symptoms

Sometimes, symptoms may not be apparent immediately in some cats. Here are the most common symptoms of struvite stone in cats: 1

Urinating outside the litterbox

An animal suffering from crystals or other possible injuries may attempt to manage their discomfort by avoiding the litterbox as it can cause pain to use the particular type of litter that you have provided.

Urinating small amounts of urine

Many times, stones can cause pain and inflammation to the bladder and/or urethra. Urinary blockage, which can lead to severe injury and death, can also occur.

Frequent trips to the Litterbox

Crystals and stones in cats can cause them to feel the need to urinate. They may visit the litter box frequently to try to pass the urine. Although it may pass very little or none of its urine, the pain and pressure associated with the urge to urinate will not diminish.

Vocalizing or Straining Urinating

It is possible that the crystals have formed a blockage or partial blockage of the urethra, making it uncomfortable for cats to urinate can cats eat mango

Urine color or odor changes

Crystals can cause bladder wall inflammation and bleed. Your cat may then pass bloody urine, which could lead to additional infections.

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