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Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai desert safari | Desert Safari DXB

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai desert safari

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai – The Early Morning Surprise:

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai – Early Morning Surprise The best time to enjoy Dubai’s spectacular desert scenery is early in the morning.

If your search for the best tour operators in Dubai that offer an unforgettable Sunrise Desert Safari experience led you to this site.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We at Desert Safari Tours, one of the leading desert safari tour operators in the Emirates, provide personalized packages that allow you to experience the most spectacular sunrise views in the Emirates. Arabian desert


Your adventure in the Sunrise Desert Safari starts with being picked up from your hotel in Dubai or from a preferred/specified location depending on the package you choose. As you head into the desert in a Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, Hummer, or equivalent. You can enjoy the change of scenery. The urban landscape brings to life the desert landscape.

As soon as you arrive at the designated viewpoint in the desert. You are ready to pamper yourself with the splendor of the sunrise in the Dubai desert.


You will be amazed by the bright orange and red light that shines on the clouds. Eventually, the entire desert will be covered in these colors.

The incomparable and picturesque view of the sunrise against the background of the serene desert offers you extraordinary photographic opportunities.

After watching the spectacular sunrise in the desert You’ll be adventuring on a sand dune known as Dune Bashing. Riding up, down, and crossing high dunes in a 4WD vehicle not only boosts your adrenaline levels but also increases your adrenaline levels.

But also allows you to immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the captivating landscape. Smashing the dunes isn’t the end of your desert safari.

You’ll find a few more adventure and entertainment activities as part of your Sunrise Desert Safari tour. These are exciting options and include activities such as camel rides, quad bikes, and playing sandboard.

If you’re not the type for experience runners and adrenaline-pumping rides, this is it. You can return for a camel trek in the powdery white sands of the Dubai Desert and chill out.


Camel trekking offers the best way to experience the flowers and fauna of the desert. Some of the flora you will encounter during your trek include Date Palm, Bougainvillea, Flame Tree, Frangipani, and Tropical Hibiscus.

Some of the animals and birds you can find in the desert include falcons, Arabian Oryx, Gazelles, and Arabian Hares.

When you’re done with all these exciting and exhilarating activities. You will head deep into the desert to a place similar to the Arabs who lived in camps many years ago.

This campground was inspired by the Bedouins. and offers an incredible experience of timeless Emirati traditions and culture.

In fact, you may look forward to many incredible experiences at this camp. They include drawing hands and feet with henna. Photoshoot wearing Arabic clothes and/or holding a falcon in hand, smoking shish, etc.

More about Sunrise Desert Safari:

Pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the same place. snacks and breakfast Mineral water and soft drinks as you like Stop for a photo, pound the sand dunes, and drive you to the lookout point.

All sunrises are included in the desert safari package. Sandboarding, quad bikes, and buggy/ATV riding are optional. This means that you will have to pay an additional fee to experience these thrills or adventures.


Temperatures can be a little low in the early morning even during summer.

So it’s a good idea to carry lightweight wool with you. During the day it gets warmer and light cotton clothing. is enough You can wear comfortable shoes like open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops for the best Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai.


All in all, the Early Morning Desert Safari offers you a rare opportunity to soak up the first rays of sunshine in the Arabian Desert.

The scenic views you can enjoy on your lunch break and spice up the desert landscape with flashy colors are something you can’t enjoy anywhere else in the world. After experiencing the grand Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai.

You will be transported back to your hotel from where you were picked up. As every aspect related to safari is perfectly organized. You will have the best experience and you will keep memories that you can keep for a long time.


Desert Safari Tour:

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