The Human Cost Of Arizona CPS Corruption

Arizona CPS corruption

Introduction In Arizona, child protective services (CPS) are responsible for the safety and welfare of children who have been abused or neglected. However, due to corruption and lack of oversight, CPS often fails to protect these children. As a result, innocent children are often taken away from their families and placed in foster care, where … Read more

The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services

child protective services corruption

INTRODUCTION Corruption exists in all forms of society. When we speak about corruption, we often think about the type where an individual or organization takes advantage of their position of power for personal gain. However, corruption exists everywhere. Corruption doesn’t always have to involve taking money; sometimes it’s just using your power to abuse children. … Read more

CPS Corruption

If you haven’t heard about the infamous case of child protective services corruption, you’re not alone. Many people have reported cases where children have been killed while in the custody of the CPS. While the police report indicates the death was a suicide, many people believe that the hit was organized by the cps corruption. … Read more