Furniture Trends of 2022

So here we are 2022, a new year and an opportunity to bring some freshness and newness to our homes. Here are our Top 5 trends for 2022 to give you some inspiration! 1. Minimalist Living Home life is busy, spaces are multifunctional and hard working so when we stop and rest we need a … Read more

Color of the Year 2022

With all the array of colors out there for us to be inspired and influenced by, having the ultimate authority in color, Pantone decide for us which will be the color to inspire us every year can be a helpful guide.. Pantone Color of the Year Described by Pantone as a ‘dynamic periwinkle blue hue … Read more

How to Design Multi-functional Space

Multifunctional space is best described as the optimal integration of various functions in  space and time. This is separate from multipurpose development, which subdivides multiple spaces within an area or  community. No matter how many functions the interior design of the multifunctional space fulfills, it will remain your home. On the contrary, the multifunctional room … Read more