The Complete Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

There’s no denying that making poor hiring decisions can prove to be expensive and detrimental for an organization’s ultimate success. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, due to replacement hiring costs, business downtime while a position is vacant, and other unforeseen expenditures, a bad hire can cost up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings.

With figures like these, it is obvious that the expense of a poor hire is high, as are the consequences over the long run. What is pre-employment testing, and how can it help you hire better candidates, keep top talent on board, and cut costs and time spent on the hiring process? Let’s start now!

What is Pre-Employment Testing? 

Simply put, resumes alone are not trustworthy enough to give recruiters the information they need to ensure candidates are a good fit for the position and the organization. Employers today grapple with finding the right pre-employment screening solution to guarantee the information they get is true to prevent the hazards connected with these misrepresentations.

Recruiters evaluate potential applicants using a variety of pre-employment testing tools, including psychometric pre-employment screening, to determine which ones are the greatest fits for their firm. Pre-employment testing allows you to possibly collect data on candidates that are pertinent, trustworthy, and related to the position. It is typically taken online and comes in a variety of formats.

The Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests 

Here are the different types of pre-employment screening that employers should implement to assess applicants for job opportunities within their organization.

Job Knowledge Tests 

Employers should opt to conduct job knowledge testing where applicants must possess a certain degree of knowledge on a specific subject before proceeding with the next round of interviews. 

Personality Questionnaires

This set of questionnaires assesses personality traits to help an organization get a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s character and capabilities. Extraversion, assertiveness, and other traits are frequently measured on personality tests.

Culture Fit Assessments

With the help of these pre-employment screening, it is possible to compare a candidate’s preferred organizational culture to the actual culture of the company they are applying to. This makes it easier for employers to see how an applicant’s values match those of the company.

Cognitive Ability Assessments 

Pre-employment testing is used to analyze the estimate of each applicant’s ability to use mental processes by evaluating important cognitive skills like logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning.

Key Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing 

When recruiters use pre-employment testing to screen prospective hopefuls, they get a lot of advantages.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Pre-employment testing has several notable advantages, one of which is improved recruitment efficiency. Recruiters may learn a lot about a lot of job candidates with the aid of the proper screening software in a lot less time than it takes to manually go through resumes.

Improving Your Quality of Hiring 

Pre-employment testing aids employers in selecting applicants who are most suitable for the position and the company. This is great news for the hiring manager as well as improving the employment process overall.

Improving the Legal Actions of Your Hiring Decisions

Pre-employment screening assists make your recruiting selections more legally defendable because they are based on facts rather than subjective criteria. Utilizing evaluation software guarantees that the procedure and standards remain constant throughout the hiring process. It’s crucial to remember that pre-employment testing can only strengthen candidates’ legal justification if they measure abilities and characteristics relevant to the position they are seeking for.

Improving the Candidate Experience

Pre-employment testing, it’s true, can be advantageous to applicants as well! They allow job searchers to discover more about themselves while also learning more about the firm they are interested in working for. In doing so, you improve the candidate’s experience and guarantee that they land in a position for which they are a perfect fit.

Pre-employment testing can greatly aid your hiring process if it is properly implemented, carried out, and assessed. You can get started by looking into a reliable assessment provider like Discover Assessments, the world’s first gamified assessments. They offer various test types suitable for different positions you’re hiring for. With their research-based solutions, you can receive the greatest results—and ultimately the best prospects for your company—by adhering to pre-employment testing best practices.

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