The Right Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing is, arguably, the best workout you can give your body. Unlike other workouts, a rowing machine workout, which only works a certain body part or set of body parts at a time, rowing works out your whole body. Not only does it work your body’s muscle groups, it also works your cardio-vascular system as well. Few other workouts, save swimming, are this inclusive. There are many benefits to adding rowing to your ergometer hometrainer.

Rowing helps you to work all of your major muscle groups. Each major action involved in rowing works a muscle group when doing a rowing machine workout. Your abdomen and upper legs are worked during the catch. Your arms, back, shoulders and abdomen are worked during the pull. Finally, during the release, you work your legs, your hips, your upper body and your back. Also, because the action of rowing is technically a single fluid movement, this workout is easy on the joints and shouldn’t jar your knees or your elbows. This isn’t the case in most other kinds of exercise. You will have to remember; however, to stay relaxed and not let your muscles tense or lock up during your rowing machine workout. It is also a good idea to start slowly.

Another benefit to adding a rowing machine workout to your workout routine is that rowing helps you lose weight. Okay, most exercise when done properly will burn off calories and help you lose weight, but it has been proven that rowing produces faster and more reliable results. A good rowing machine workout can burn between five hundred and eight hundred calories in an hour. Rowing will also help you to strengthen and tone your muscles. As you row, your muscle mass will increase. This is good because muscle mass burns calories much more efficiently than fat do. This means that as you increase your muscle mass you increase your body to lose weight naturally – which a rowing machine workout will help.

Finally, a rowing machine workout helps to strengthen your body’s system. Rowing is an aerobic activity, and as such it works your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles. Rowing increases your heart rate which makes it stronger. A strong heart is less prone to disease if you include a rowing machine workout in your regimen. Rowing also helps to work out the lungs. The work out will naturally leave you a little bit breathless. As you continue to work out, you will increase your lung capacity and will be able to process oxygen much more efficiently.

Rowing really is one of the best works outs you can take part in. It is on par with swimming and the elliptical trainer in terms of overall effectiveness virtufit run fit foldable. Wouldn’t you rather do an hour of a rowing machine workout than do an hour and a half on four different machines that might not give you the same results? Do yourself a favor and try out a rowing machine workout. As you build up strength you can adjust the settings on the rowing machine, but you shouldn’t ever try to overdo it. Rowing itself produces faster results than other exercise methods, so the need to push harder isn’t as strong when you have a rowing machine workout.


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