The Structure, Principle And Application Of Medical Film Viewing Lamp

Structure: The  Medical Film Viewing Lamp  is mainly composed of a light source, a light box and a viewing film. Generally speaking, the quality of the film viewer mainly depends on the quality of these three major materials. A good film viewer is made of semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It is made of acrylic plate for the light source, the metal aluminum substrate for the light box, and the film viewing lamp.

Principle: The principle of the medical film viewing lamp is actually a dot matrix light source composed of a large number of LEDs, with whiter color and higher brightness. LED is also called light-emitting diode, which is a solid-state semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light. device, which can directly convert electricity into light. It needs to be driven by a DC constant current power supply.

Application: The medical film viewing lamp is mainly used to evaluate the auxiliary equipment of the ray film.

Compared with ordinary medical film viewing lamp, LED medical film viewing lamp use the most advanced LED solid-state lighting technology and advanced backlight technology; its light intensity distribution is uniform, no dark areas, no stroboscopic, and stable color temperature, making the screen brighter and more convenient. soft. The LED film viewing lamp greatly improves the quality of the medical image photo observation device, and is of great value to ensure the quality of medical image diagnosis.

In addition, the LED medical film viewing lamp is more uniform (the uniformity of light intensity can reach more than 80%), thinner (the thickness can be less than 23mm), brighter (the highest brightness can reach 4000cd/m2), and the color temperature is more stable ( It avoids the yellowing phenomenon caused by the easy color decay of traditional lamps), longer life (up to 50,000 hours), more environmentally friendly (no mercury), more stable brightness (no stroboscopic, greatly reducing visual fatigue) , No need to start preheating.

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