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If you have damaged or bruised toenails from trauma, toenail fungus, and any other condition causing your nails to appear less appealing. Especially in events where you want to show off your toenails. You will be looking for options that will help brighten the look of your nails. Some nails are discolored and brittle,while others do not grow normally naturally.

Acrylic nails on toes: Seem like the easy option out of your miserable nails. Acrylic toenails are fixed at the nail salon, but there are factors to consider before rushing into a nail salon. Acrylics might cover up a problem that is might get worse when covered. For example, if the cause of your unsightly nails is a toenail fungus infection and you cover the nail with an acrylic nail it could cause further damage. Acrylics are porous meaning water gets under it and that might encourage the multiplication of the toenail fungus.

KeryFlex toenail: It is a superior choice for nail restoration and presents significant advantages over the acrylic toenail option.

Looks and feel

Acrylic toenails are not flexible and the toenails need a lot of flexibility during the use of the foot. The lack of flexibility can cause the acrylic to pull on the nail bed causing damage.They seem unnatural.

Kery Flex toenail is designed with resin and medical grade material to be durable, flexible, and match the natural toenails. Nail polish can be applied normally and it will not be affected in anyway. They can be filed although clipping is not recommended. KeryFlex toenail restoration looks and feels natural.

Safe and easy

Acyclic nails require substances such as acids for the application that can irritate the bed and damage the nail. The damage will cause the nails to be further roughed up.

KeryFlex is done at our Houston podiatrist office and the procedure used is similar to the procedure that the dentist uses to bond a tooth. First, the podiatrist trims and files down the damaged nail. Next, a bonding agent is applied, and then resin. Ultraviolet light is used to harden, build up, and shape the resin into a toenail. When the molding is complete a sealant is applied and cured. The entire process may take up to 30 minutes but it also depends on how many nails will be treated and the severity of the damaged nail. No acid or irritants are used in the KeryFlex process. The nails done are not permanent but they last long enough to need replacement in about seven weeks. It also varies depending on the conditions in which the nails thrive for example for runners the nails endure a lot of impacts and it means they might need to change their nails more often.

What is the best option?

KeryFlex is the best option for nail restoration because it does not bond to the skin. the natural nail remains to serve as a foundation. To apply KeryFlex a quarter of the nail should still be present. However, patients with underlying conditions such as diabetes or other circulation problems should undergo evaluationbefore receiving a KeryFlex procedure. Pregnant and nursing mothers also need extra care. If you are allergic to bonding agents or resin them KeryFlex might not work for you.

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