Toenail Restoration: How to Go from Ugly to Lovely Toenails

Toenail restoration is a cosmetic procedure performed by a podiatrist. The restoration takes time to be done and much-needed attention to detail. Toenails take time to grow clear even with proper treatment. Toenail restoration near me allows for the nails and toes to heal. Some conditions damage the keratin that makes up the toenails and the toenails might be discolored. Toenail restoration can be done for people who have lost the toenail partially or totally. When the toenail is fully removed,KeryFlex nail restoration may not hold well due to natural oils and the skin shedding process of the toenails.

Toe fungus treatment Houston includes debriding the nails, taking oral medications, applying topical medications and laser treatments that destroy the fungus and allow new keratin to grow and replace the damaged toenail. However, it may take time for the new keratin to grow to replace the damaged toenail. The infected toenails are damaged during treatment and seem unsightly until the damage grows out. Toenail restoration helps with recovery because the technique used restores the appearance of the toenails. The process done by Houston Nail Restoration Specialist does not interfere with keratin regrowth.

Who can benefit from toenail restoration?

Different people can benefit from toenail restoration no matter the cause of the unsightly toenails; thick nails, discolored nails, cracked nails, discolored nails, beau’s lines, toenails following trauma, fungal infected toenails, toenails with abnormal growth or shape, and lastly psoriatic toenails.

How long does toenail reconstruction last?

Toenail restoration lasts a long while however, it is still not a permanent solution to unsightly toenails. The time of lasting depends on different individuals but it can be redone. Toenail restoration can last from four to eight weeks.

Steps on how to Go from Ugly to Lovely Toenails

The process of toenail restoration is as follows

  1. Nail preparation by the Houston Nail Restoration Specialist. Any loose nail is removed and the thickness of the toenail is reduced. The surface of the nail is filed to remain with a rough exterior.
  2. The toenails are cleaned to remove any dirt and disinfect them and the surrounding.
  3. The podiatrist then applies a product to the toenails to dehydrate the nail surface and help the resin bond to the nail.
  4. A resin in liquid form is applied onto the surface of the nail bed and gel is applied in layers. A UV light is used to harden the gel after each layer.
  5. Once the toenail acquires its appropriate thickness it is smoothed over and shaped. A layer of gloss might be applied.

Benefits of toenail restoration

  • The toenails are reconstructed to feel and look like natural toenails.
  • The restoration improves your morale and confidence.
  • The new toenail moves and feels flexible as a natural toenail.
  • The products used in restoration do not contain aggressive chemicals.
  • The natural toenail and nail bed are not damaged in any way during restoration.
  • The new toenail can have nail polish applied just as a natural toenail.
  • The KeryFlex nail restoration allows you to continue treating your toenails naturally.

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