User’s Guide to defrost Samsung Refrigerator

With the daily routine getting more hectic day by day, refrigerator variants have helped a lot in simplifying our cooking routine. From keeping the groceries fresh to providing the best-chilled service of desserts, the benefits of refrigerators are manifold. Samsung fridge is one of the acclaimed and best-selling brands in the Indian market, that majority of the fridge buyers choose to opt for. 

If you are thinking about buying a Samsung refrigerator on EMI will be a fruitful decision. Although the quality of the refrigerator is top-notch, adequate maintenance and proper care are mandatory to keep its performance upright. Amid all, the defrosting process gains the most prominence. 

To help you with the process, here is the complete guide to defrosting the Samsung fridge. Keep reading to know more!

  1. Turn it off:

Before cleaning your Samsung fridge, make sure to turn it off. If you leave your refrigerator turned on while you try to defrost, it may lead to more frost buildup. For instance, if you keep your device on and place hot water bowls on the shelves, your refrigerator might get damaged. As the evaporator coil tries to release the cool air, the steam from the hot water would trap. Thus, more frost will gather, damaging your Samsung fridge. Moreover, let’s not forget that your fridge is an electronic device, and electrocution may occur if things get out of hand. 

  1. Remove all items:

After turning the switch off, remove all the items from your fridge. If the eating edibles are not so many, you can eat them before the time of defrosting. However, if the edible products are many, get a large cooler filled with ice so that the items do not get rotten. It is crucial to empty your Samsung fridge because it provides more room for defrosting process. 

  1. Remove the shelves:

As a Samsung fridge user, you must defrost your refrigerator quite often. But, the shelves in your refrigerator may get stuck, obstructing the defrosting process. If the frost in your fridge is very thick, there are strong chances that it has surrounded the shelves’ edges. It then becomes difficult to remove. In this case, leave them while you continue the defrost process, and you will be able to break the ice after some time. 

In case you cannot remove the shelves, you may try the two processes:

  • Using a hot water bowl:

It is one of the popular defrosting processes. If you have shelves on your refrigerator that get difficult to remove, place the bowl of hot water on each compartment. The steam will heat the ice on the walls, speeding up the process. But change the water every ten minutes because ice would drop in the bowls, and the water won’t be helpful. 

  • Using the blow dryer:

It is one of the safest methods of defrosting. The hair or blow dryer you use must be portable so enter your Samsung fridge. Ensure to keep the air dryer and cord away from the ice. 

  1. Open the doors:

The next step is to keep the door open of your Samsung fridge while carrying out the defrosting process. Turning off the refrigerator would allow warm air to seep in. The warm air would melt the ice stuck on the walls. 

It can take a few hours or one day to complete this process. The process might take more hours if the ice on the walls is thick. 

  1. Clean:

Make sure to clean the parts of your Samsung fridge properly while you are defrosting the device. Once you take out the shelves, wash them with soap and water. Make sure to wipe it off with a dry towel. After the defrosting process gets complete, use some cleaning liquid and clean the inside of your refrigerator. 

  1. Re-arrange your Samsung fridge:

Ensure that your device is dry and clean before arranging the parts back. Place the shelves and drawers where they belong before putting products inside the Samsung fridge. You might decide to turn on the switch and make your refrigerator cool before placing the items, but remember that this will introduce warm air inside your device. And thus, you may have frost buildup again. Instead, try keeping all your products back, arrange them nicely, shut the doors, and turn on the switch. 

  1. Opt for the frost-free model

Samsung also manufactures refrigerator variants with the frost-free feature, which doesn’t let the ice build-up sustain in your freezer. By opting for this model, you do not have to worry about the Defrost mechanism as everything is automated. The flow of direct air in the fridge prevents the formation of chunky ice and protects your freezer. The price of such a frost-free Samsung fridge is a little pricey compared to other models but it is quite affordable. 

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