A mother who claimed to have 'stealed the spotlight' of her outfit and body from her seven-year-old son's birthday party has hit back at social media critics who have labeled her 'obscene'.

Raquel Dikuru, 37 year old at England was celebrating a seventh birthday party for her son last month when her sister-in-law filmed him lighting candles on a birthday cake.

It wasn't until she saw the cute keepsake video then she realized her property was featured in a purple flower sundress — right in front of the little chidren.

That consultant couldn't stop sharing the clip on social media titling it with: 'When you didn't know your, were stealing the spotlight at your son's birthday party.

The mother-of-two-children says that the footage, which is circulating more than one million views, has provoked from many viewers.

Some viewers has written that Raquel was trying to 'find a husband' and branding herself ad 'sexy lady'. The sundress, which comes down to the knees, doesn't look revealing.

In the subsequent video answering remarks, Raquel told her fault finders to 'get a life' and presented up in the dress again to push for a clarification about why her outfit was 'obscene'.

Regularly, I would be simply changing my apparel constantly. In any case, that dress was very comfortable so I wasn't. I believe it's generally down to the point of the video.