The Office of Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner has confirmed that Former Pop Idol star Darius Campbell Danesh died.

The Star was found dead in his United state apartment last month. He was 41 year old person. Some news agencies that "suffocation" was the reason to his death.

Chloroethane, mainly known as ethyl chloride, it is a colorless gas. It is refrigerated liquid with a faintly sweet door.

The death of star was treated as accident by medical officers. The family of Campbell Danesh had said that police has not found any suspicious circumstances.

Darius Campbell Danesh was a singer, songwriter and actor.He made his first bid in ITV show in 2001.He had also appeared on hte first pop idol.

The Fellow contestants of Pop Idol paid tribute to Darius Campbell Danesh when he was declared as dead.

Darius Campbell Danesh is described as "driven, courageous and gentle". Fellow  contestant Yong Wrote : "His thoughts have been with Darius Campbell Danesh for few days". he was declared as dead.

Single Debute of Campbell Danesh was released in july 2002 and had gone to number one.It was marked the start of a run of top releases. he was declared as dead.