Imagine your Mac doesn't start, or if it start, but it won’t work properly, that’s the problem. Maybe it’s problematic, or it suddenly crashes.

How to fix Common Mac issues at home

Problems do arise from time to time but common Mac issues can be resolved fairly quickly. These steps are quick and fast.

Your Mac computer might not start for many reasons but there are many troubleshooting techniques you can use to fix the problem of your Mac computer.

Initially, you need to press start button on the keyboard to turn it on and wait until it starts and try given next steps.

When trying to troubleshoot your Mac, make sure that the power cord is working properly and it is fully connected to mac computer

Try to reset the NVRAM on Macs computer with Intel-based processors and see if the problem has resolved.

You can Reset PRAM and NVRAM:

You can reset SMC and after resetting check if the issue has resolved. Try to restart you mac computer as well

Try to reset SMC

Tried All Stuff ?

Now, It's time to get in touch with Apple Customer care. You can find this customer care support on website as well.