The daughter of Alexander Dugin, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin  was killed in a car bomb blast.

The name of Alexander Dugin's daughter was Daria Dugina and she was of 29 year old.She was attending an event.

She was leaving a music and cultural event outside the Moscow in her car when the car blasted. She was attending this event with her father.

Alexander Dugin attended the festival event but was not in the car at the movement. That is why he is safe.

Some Russian people reported he was trying to ride in the car but at last movement he left the car. that is why he is not dead.

Alexander Dugin was called "Putin's Brain" Dugin helped spearhead the Russian leader's invasion of Ukraine.

It is not possible to clear immediately who had blasted the car and who is responsible for that. Investigation agencies are working on this case.

A politician Denis Pushilin of Ukrain blamed it a terrorist attack of  Ukrainian regime,they were trying to kill Alexander Dugin."