What are the main differences between a Bed Throw and a Blanket?

A bed throw is a cover that is placed over the top of the blanket on a bed. It can be used to give a more luxurious feel to the bedroom or it can be used as an extra layer for warmth during winter.

Some people believe that bed throws should be made from silk or linen, while others prefer cotton. One thing that all people agree on, though, is that it’s important to have at least one bed throw in your home.

Although both blankets and throws are similar in nature, the purpose of a quilt is to keep you warm, whereas a throw is meant to add personality and style. A blanket is a large, usually oblong, piece of cloth used for keeping warm, whereas a throw is a smaller quilt, usually used as a decorative piece. The primary difference between throws and blankets is that blankets are large pieces of fabric used to provide warmth, whereas throws are smaller pieces of fabric used as decorative elements.

Difference in Size

Throw sizes may vary – a standard luxury one is around 50 by 70 – but are smaller than comforters. The standard throw dimensions are around 50″ by 36″ whereas blankets are available in twin, full, queen, or king sizes.

Measuring smaller than a blanket (usually around 1m by 1.5m), a throw is ideal for throwing over the end of your bed, or hanging over the side of a bedroom chair on those chilly nights when you need an extra layer. If you are looking for a blanket you can add as a decorative piece to the end of a bed or sofa, then the throw will be your best choice.

Difference in Style

You can add additional layers to insulate your bed with a quilt, where the throw just will not get the job done, mostly due to its size, though folding a throw into two pieces and placing it on the end of the bed is a good idea to keep your cold feet warm, and it certainly adds a subtle dash of style to your bedding. A blanket might work better if you are looking to boost the warmth in your bed, whereas a throw is a nice accessory to have for any room of your home.

In this example, because the bed has a blanket draped on the bottom of the bed, throwing the standard throws over top just adds some additional texture, and in this case, color. In summary, much of it comes down to size…so the standard throw is smaller (too small to fit on the bottom of a bed), so instead, go with a comforter, quilt, throw, or bed spread. A standard throw is too small to cover the end of a bed, and looks uncomfortable if you are trying to use it as a blanket on your bed (which, to be sure, is something I did not realize before starting my job here). You could even put a comforter over the bed for added warmth, but the throw is not appropriate for beds with more than one occupant.

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