What Are The Minimum Requirements To Obtain A Canada Visitor Visa

Canada is often regarded as the most welcoming country for newcomers. The country is rich in cultural attractions, historical landmarks, and stunning natural scenery. Although obtaining a Canada tourist visa is simple for most immigrants, many applications are denied yearly because of missing information or improper paperwork. In this article, you will read the requirements to obtain a Canada Visitor Visa. 

Eligibility Criteria to obtain a Canada Visitor Visa

Obtaining a visiting visa requires you to satisfy some minimal conditions. It includes:

  • Possession of a legitimate passport or other acceptable travel documents
  • Maintaining a clean criminal record and no immigration violations
  • Show an immigration official that you have a reason to return to your native countries, such as a job, a house, capital instruments, or family
  • Guarantee your departure from Canada at the end of your trip and have sufficient funds to cover your time there
  • How much money you’ll need to bring along depends on how long you want to stay and the place where you plan to sleep each night (hotel, friend’s house, etc.)
  • Having a health check and a personal invitation from a Canadian resident are additional possible requirements

Some persons are not permitted entry into Canada. Simply put, some individuals can’t enter Canada because they aren’t permitted. The following activities may render you inadmissible:

  • Involvement in criminal activity
  • abuses of human rights
  • unlawful group activity
  • You may also be denied entry for national security, medical necessity, or insufficient funds

What Paperwork Is Necessary for a Canada Visa?

You must always carry a valid passport and other necessary travel papers to get a visit visa for Canada. When applying for a visit visa for Canada, you’ll also need to submit two photocopies of your passport’s information page. The photocopies must contain:

  • Passport number
  • Passport expiration date 
  • Passport issuance date
  • Picture, name, date of birth, and country of birth

Minimum Funds Required for Visit Visa for Canada

  • Application fee:  100 CAD (6,140 INR approx.)
  • Biometrics fee: 85 CAD (5,219 INR approx.)

Monthly living expenditures for a single person in Canada are around CAD 1,230 (INR 75,525), while a tourist visiting for 30 days would need CAD 2,000 (INR 1,22,805 approx.). This sum is in addition to the visa application fee.

Know about a beneficial way to immigrate to Canada

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Those with relevant job experience who wish to settle permanently in Quebec may apply through this channel. They have a unique immigration arrangement. As such, the province has its criteria for selecting suitable immigrants for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Hence, consulting with immigration companies becomes essential.


To conclude, there are only a few requirements if you are looking to get a tourist visa; as long as you are healthy and do not have any criminal charges, you are free to travel to Canada. However, there is a pattern that you need to follow to get your documents approved, and your visa successfully delivered to you. You can save yourself from the complicated tourist visa application process by hiring an immigration services company. 

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