What Do You Feed a Stray Cat

It is natural to want to take care of stray cats who are living in your home. You can put an extra can of cat food out for any cat who comes to your door. How do you feed a stray cat you care for? How do you make sure the food doesn’t spoil? And how can you take care of stray cats without creating tension between neighbors?

What should you feed a stray cat?

Feeding stray cat is more than just giving them dry food or canned food. Although it can be hard to tell if a stray cat has reached adulthood or not, Alley Cat Allies says that most adult cats consume 5.5 ounces of canned food per day. One adult cat can eat half a cup of dry food 1. Desert Birds Kittens who have been weaned from their mother’s milk may need more food per day.

They should be given kitten food only. Your location and the time of the year will influence the choice of food for your cat.Cans may spoil faster in summer when humidity and temperatures are high. Wet food can dry quickly and dry food is less likely be bitten by bugs during the summer months. If you choose to give canned food to your pets, make sure to add water to prevent dryness.

Also, be sure to pick up any unopened cans after 30 minutes. After it has been sitting for between 30 to 45 minutes, uneaten food should be picked-up. It is important to pick up any uneaten food so that stray cats don’t accidentally ingest it.

There are also specific anti-ant-proof

bowls that you can purchase and feeding stations which can prove to be a worthwhile investment for warmer climates. You can also place baking soda or food-grade diatomaceous Earth around the food and water bowls. This barrier is insurmountable.

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Winter cats may need to eat more food in order to keep them energized. Even though there are no insects to be concerned, it is important to keep any unfinished food out of reach of wildlife. You can also use heated electric bowls to prevent freezing. These are especially helpful for cats that have no water source.

What should you feed a stray cat?

Cats are habitual animals. If they have had food or water previously, cats will return to the same place again. Alley Cat Allies suggests that you feed stray cats in a quiet area close to your home 2. You can also create feeding stations by simply placing food or water in a container that has an opening cut into it.

Cats feel safer when they are high up, so it is a good idea to place food and water bowls on fences, benches, or ledges. A shy, nervous stray cat may feel more at ease. Can cats eat yogurt When possible, it is important to feed your stray cat(s) at the same time every day? It is possible to deter wildlife from eating food during daylight hours. If you are unsure whether spring or fall is approaching, it can be helpful to feed stray cats 10 minutes earlier or later depending on whether daylight savings is near

If you feed a stray cat

 with kittens, don’t worry about her abandoning them. Although she may not be as comfortable with you, you can still feed her kittens.

Some people are passionate about the topic of feeding stray cats. Many homeowners associations (HOAs), forbid the keeping of feral cats on their properties 3. However, stray cats can feel safer around you, and this can help you to monitor their health. It may be easier to trap stray cats for vaccination and neutering.

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